Om Edibles Gummies

Om Edibles Gummies

Delicate, sweet, floral, and fruity, Om Edible's Gummies come in Lychee Blossom flavor (THC-only) or Mélange Medley, which includes Red Raspberry, White Peach, Sour...
Yummi Karma Cannabis Drops

Yummi Karma Cannabis Drops

From sleep to anxiety to PMS relief, Yummi Karma’s award-winning Cannabis Drops offer an effect for every need. Created by women, for women, each...
Bottle of Stratos Energy THC tablets

Stratos Tablets

Available in a variety of blends including Energy (sativa), Relax (hybrid), and Sleep (indica), as well as a THC:CBD blend that comes in five...
bottle of vireo oral solution

Vireo Oral Solution

With medicinal use in mind, these oral formulas give patients a wide range of THC-to-CBD (or vice versa) ratios to choose from, offering more...
Wyld blood Orange Gummies mg magazine

WYLD Chocolates and Gummies

WYLD Chocolates and Gummies Celebrating the Pacific Northwest, these treats were created for ambitious, adventurous lifestyles. WYLD specializes in products consisting of real fruit ingredients...

7 Cannabis-Infused Valentine’s Ideas for Sexy People

Three studies were conducted in 2018 that looked at, among other things, the sexual behavior of cannabis users. The largest of the studies was conducted...
Cannabis THC Infused super bowl treats mg retailer

5 THC Infused Goodies That are Perfect for the Super Bowl

The big game is almost here. If you are like most of us, snacks and treats are as big a deal as the game...

January Roundup: 9 Cannabis Wellness Products For THC-Infused Fitness

It’s 2019! Resolutions and goals have been set–to give up alcohol for Dry January; to lose weight with highly touted diets and regular workouts;...

December Round Up: Cannabis Holiday Gifts and Special Sales

While Hanukkah celebrations are already upon us, Christmas is little more than two weeks away, followed by Kwanza, and then New Year–all great occasions...
La Vida Verde Super Cookie Graham Cracker Crust_mgretailer

It Isn’t The Holidays Without the (Cannabis-infused) Pumpkin Pie

CALIFORNIA–For grown-up gatherings and holiday tables in recreationally legal states, cannabis-infused homemade edibles are an exciting new possibility. More economical than ordering up individual...