Tinley Tonics

Tinley Tonics’ ready-to-drink beverages are non-alcoholic, single-serve versions of some of America’s favorite mixed drinks. Margarita-inspired Stone Daisy Blue Agave Lime Tonic...

Sunderstorm Kanha Nano Gummies

Sunderstorm’s Kanha Nano Gummies, which come in Sublime Key Lime Hybrid, Passionfruit Paradise Indica, and Cram Pomegranate Punch Sativa, utilize nanomolecular...
Kiva-fast-acting edible-Cannabis products-Gravy-mgretailer-mg magazine

Kiva Launches Fast-Acting Edible in Time for Thanksgiving

It is officially that time of year and while you may be rolling your eyes at yet another holiday-themed product release, your...
Platinum Chocolate Bars products mg magazine mgretailer

Platinum Chocolate Bars

Sophisticated chocolatiers and seasoned cultivators combined their expertise to create Platinum Vapes’ premium chocolates. In exotic flavors including Sea Salt Dark...
Binske fruit leather strawberry mg magazine cannabis products e1571254990813

Binske Fruit Leathers

Binkse produces more than just typical cannabis infused offerings. Its line of THC-infused fruit leathers includes flavors like strawberry, granny smith apple,...
Mindys Artisanal Edibles mg magazine mgretailer cannabis products

Mindy’s Artisanal Edibles

James Beard Award winner Mindy Segal's chocolate brittle bars and baked goods are pure decadence. For the bars—available in Milk Chocolate Peanut...
Rosette Tinctures REM Products mgretailer e1569974968724

Rosette Wellness Blended Tinctures

Rosette’s award-winning tinctures—Wellness (designed for women and overall health), Balance (designed for men and active lifestyles), R.E.M. (for sleep), and LVL (for pain and...
Laurie Maryjane Products mg magazine mgretailer

Laurie + Maryjane Edibles

Award-winning, classically trained chef and author Laurie Wolf concocts her edibles from organic ingredients including fair-trade chocolate. Crafted in small batches, Laurie + MaryJane...
CannaPunch Stroopwafels mgretailer e1569367946108

CannaPunch Dutch Girl Stroopwafels

Traditional Dutch Stroopwafels (literally “syrup waffle”) are composed of caramel filling sandwiched between two thin, crispy waffle cookies. Dutch Girl fills its award-winning signature...
Wyld peach ring web MGmagazine

WYLD Enhanced Gummies

(From Gobbling Up the Market: Consumers Increasingly Seek Ingestible Products, which appeared in the September, 2019 issue of mg.) WYLD’s gummies bring to mind a...