Vapor Slide Turns Old Glass Into New Tricks

Screen Shot 2017 01 09 at 5.45.47 PM
Screen Shot 2017 01 09 at 5.45.47 PM

Vapor Slide can bring new life to glass pieces or be enjoyed as a stand-alone vaporizer.

Vaporizing cannabis has become a booming trend. There is little debate as to the discretion and convenience offered by a vaporizer. However, not everyone is ready to ditch their glass.

Vapor Slide’s flagship product, the V-1, provides the perfect solution for those who prefer to vape but also enjoy the benefits of glass. “We decided to create a product that would allow users to enjoy oil on the go, or at home with water filtration,” said Brendan Gillis, founder and chief executive officer of Vapor Slide.


As many companies have released similar or derivative products, Gillis noticed an opening for something different. “We saw an opportunity to create a powerful product that would produce nice big hits of vapor,” he said.

Although Vapor Slide only launched in 2015, the company is already gaining in popularity with consumers. “Thousands of people have enjoyed Vapor Slide in the past year. We have received positive feedback from people of all ages,” Gillis said.

Vapor Slide’s diverse customer base represents the changing makeup of the cannabis industry. Many consumers feel that vaporizing provides a cleaner form of ingestion than combusting flower. One customer, a 65-year-old Alaskan woman, stands out to Gillis. “She tried regular vape pens, but really disliked all the ones she tried. She felt that she was not getting the same effect as she got from flower. Then, pens even tasted bad to her. She tried the Vapor Slide and was able to get higher doses of THC with less harshness and cough,” Gillis said.

Vapor Slide can be found in approximately eighty shops throughout the country. With two new product releases slated for 2017, additional vendors may want to jump on board. “We want to become a household name in 2017,” Gillis said. This year, consumers can expect to see the V2 Shatter Pen and the V-Lite. The V2 Shatter Pen will work alone or in conjunction with a glass piece, and the V-Lite may be used with shatter or vape cartridges, but is not designed for use with glass pieces.

Although Gillis is excited about the new releases, he is also thinking about how he will make his products in the future. The V2 will be assembled in Pennsylvania. Beyond that, Gillis’ goal is “to eventually do all the designs, prototyping, and production in the United States.”

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