The PAX Era Is Here!

Pax, Bloom Farms, Vaporizer, Vape

High in the Hollywood Hills, at a private residence owned by a music industry veteran, three respected innovators–PAX, Bloom Farms and The Lab–unveiled their newest collaboration to industry insiders: the PAX Era premium vaporizer. PAX CEO Tyler Goldman stood before dinner and demonstrated their new baby. It’s easy: load the Bloom Farms or The Lab oil pod (sold separately) into the end of the petite device, the indicator light goes white, and, voila, you are ready to go. Like all great tech companies, PAX has made a uniquely different product with sheer innovation, byzantine trial and error, and hard work all the while making it seem so…simple. “The lifeblood of a technology company is innovation,” he said. “The development of the entirely new Era platform is the result of millions of dollars spent on R&D.”

And it shows.


PAX supplied their world class hardware technology, created by top flight tech engineers, and Bloom Farms and The Lab their much respected and touted cannabis oils. Together, they combine to create a bespoke, clean, easy-to-use, and smooth vaping experience.

Right before dinner was served, the backyard lit up like green, orange, yellow and red fireflies as the intimate crowd tried the PAX Era for the first time. Goldman said:

“We are truly excited to introduce this collaboration here tonight.”

The slender PAX Era comes with full color LED interface, gestural controls, and is Bluetooth enabled. One feature consumers will love is the revolutionary temperature control: green for low, yellow for medium low, orange for medium high, and red for high. Also, with he PAX Vapor app, you can get more temperature options, check battery levels, activate games, and customize Era with special LED themes. The PAX Era will be available at cannabis retailers in California and Colorado starting September 29; retail price: $59.99. (