Featured Products for November 2018: Hard Goods

Hydrology9 mg magazine
Hydrology9 mg magazine

Rosin Tech Go
Designed for a desktop or to fit easily within a backpack, the ultra-lightweight Rosin Tech Go is built for mobile rosin extraction. Equipped with a digital temperature controller and timer; puts out 700 pounds of pressure over a compact surface area designed for personal use.





Huni Badger
With no chamber to load and a lithium-ion-battery, Huni Badger’s single-button operation offers portable, torch-free convenience. Simply let the tip heat up and dip it right into extract containers. A straight-through airway produces thick, concentrated clouds of vapor. Mouthpieces double as connectors for bubblers.



Hydrology9 from Cloudious9 reinvents portable, liquid vapor filtration. The little powerhouse delivers high-precision performance, giving users total control over airflow, materials, and five temperature settings. Activate Party Mode and watch the LEDs light up and change colors.


Transform almost any glass rig into a portable, hi-tech e-rig. Employing torch-free technology, the Big-E eliminates combustion: Simply place the device’s nail into the downstem, dial in the desired temperature, dab concentrate onto the nail, and inhale smooth vapor when ready.




Shine 24K Gold Papers
Handcrafted 24K gold rolling papers made of edible gold fused to hemp-based-blend liner. According to the manufacturer, the product burns longer than other papers and with enough consistency to leave gold in the ashtray. Created for the luxury market, a single-sheet pack retails for $10.