O.penVAPE Customizable Pen Product Preview

O.PenVape Customizable Pen

Consumers have the opportunity to customize their shoes, lap-tops, cell phones, and just about anything else. So why exactly are we forced to use boring and generic vape pens? We’re not, anymore. O.penVape now allows us to choose the pattern, color, and text on our pens. Simply submit your request and voilà, two weeks later you’ll be the envy of all your vaping friends.

Customers can add up to 16 characters of text on each pen. O.penVAPE offers seven colors to choose from as well as five distinct patterns. Use this opportunity to get your name, favorite strain, or branding on a beautiful individualized vape pen.


Each pen is conveniently USB chargeable and uses a stylus pen tip. The customizable pen uses a 510 thread, making it compatible with most vape cartridges.

O.penVAPE was created in 2012 by six dispensary owners looking to provide a better vaping experience. Each pen includes a lifetime warranty. O.penVAPE oils are tested by Organa Labs in order to ensure consistency and patient safety.

The customizable O.penVAPE pen is available for $24.95 and ships to many legal medical marijuana states (AZ, CA, CT, CO, MA, NM, NV, OR) across the country.

Visit www.OPENVAPE.COM for more information.