Grasshoppera vape

Grasshopper Vaporizer (for Dry or Loose-Leaf Herbs)

Grasshopper’s stainless steel or titanium body is about twice the size of a ballpoint pen. A temperature dial and five-second startup time offer control...
Atmos Electric Dabber

Atmos Electro Dabber Multi-Function Vaporizer

A multi-function vaporizer, the Electro Dabber vaporizes wax-consistency product through a reverse-airflow path or can be used for a traditional dry herb experience via...
Cloud Vapes F17

CloudV F17 from CloudVapes

An LCD display embedded in the power button enables temperature adjustment from 385 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. The conduction chamber holds up to 0.5g...
Lifespot Health Seng Vital

Lifespot Health Medihale

The first Bluetooth-enabled vaporizer integrated with monitoring software and biometric scanning. Designed for medical use, it records and analyzes values, then informs the patient...
Randys Chill in snow

Randy’s Chill Freezable Vape

The chill is the only vaporizer in the world with a freezable tube. Think of it as an ice catcher for your vape, but...

March Roundup: Get Your Green On with These 7 Vaporizers

The greening of cannabis consumers continues in every product category; concentrates are a fast-growing market leader, according to results of a study released late...
24k gold, grinder, cannabis

Product Spotlight (Accessories): 24 Karat Gold-plated Grinder

Elite Series 24 Karat Gold-plated Phoenician Grinder No threads, patented “Fast Lock” system and diametric teeth, and replaceable screens are noteworthy features of this high-end grinder....
Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator

5 of Our Favorite Cannabis Hard Goods

Nova Lift Decarboxylator The decarboxylation process activates THC in raw flower or kief for use in infused butter and oil. One-button Nova is odorless and...
Hydrology9 (

Featured Products for November 2018: Hard Goods

Rosin Tech Go Designed for a desktop or to fit easily within a backpack, the ultra-lightweight Rosin Tech Go is built for mobile rosin extraction....
tCheck mg magazine

Product Spotlight: The tCheck 2 Potency Tester

tCheck 2 is a potency tester that allows you to measure the strength of your infusions. Using just a few drops of butter, coconut...