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Product Spotlight (Accessories): 24 Karat Gold-plated Grinder

Elite Series 24 Karat Gold-plated Phoenician Grinder No threads, patented “Fast Lock” system and diametric teeth, and replaceable screens are noteworthy features of this high-end grinder....
Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator

5 of Our Favorite Cannabis Hard Goods

Nova Lift Decarboxylator The decarboxylation process activates THC in raw flower or kief for use in infused butter and oil. One-button Nova is odorless and...
Hydrology9 (Cloudious9.com)

Featured Products for November 2018: Hard Goods

Rosin Tech Go Designed for a desktop or to fit easily within a backpack, the ultra-lightweight Rosin Tech Go is built for mobile rosin extraction....
tCheck mg magazine

Product Spotlight: The tCheck 2 Potency Tester

tCheck 2 is a potency tester that allows you to measure the strength of your infusions. Using just a few drops of butter, coconut...
Fifty Shades of Green mg magazine

Fifty Shades of Green: Cooking with Cannabis

In Fifty Shades of Green: Cooking with Cannabis, herbalist and natural healer Deborah Champlin gives readers a crash course in the beneficial uses of cannabis....

4 Handheld Vapes That are Perfect for Tech-Savvy Consumers

As flower sales continue to drop, consumers really seem to be taking to more discreet ways of using cannabis. Vaporizers, especially of the handheld...
N2 Packaging co-founders Scott Martin (left) and Mike Standlee. mg Magazine March 2018

Keeping It Fresh

Who says the mortgage industry is cursed? Scott Martin was a very successful mortgage broker until his company merged with a larger firm in...

Bloom Farms

BLOOM FARMS is a California based manufacturer of cannabis vape pens, cartridges, and pre-rolls. Their mission is to bring safe and enjoyable medicine to...
Marijuana Breathalyzer

Lab Close to Releasing Marijuana Breathalyzer

Hound Labs in Oakland has designed a breathalyzer that can detect recent THC consumption. With recreational sales of marijuana starting next month, many in California...
Stonedware Company Geometric Pipes

StonedWare Company Geometric Pipes

StonedWare Company Geometric Pipes Artist Ariel Zimman combines geometric forms and function in her line of GeoPipes. Created in natural crystals and porcelain with food-grade ceramic...