Irie Weddings Helps Arrange Marriages Between Cannabis and Receptions

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Irie Weddings and Events offers a one stop solution for cannabis weddings.

While marijuana and weddings are often paired, it is typically in secrecy. We’ve all been there. You strategically choose a time where your absence will be least noticed. Eye contact and head nods between friends signals that it is time to meet outside. The other guests may not have been fooled, but you did observe proper wedding protocol. Then you try to return to the reception hall. The music is drowned out by the interrogation in your head. “Are my eyes too glossy? Do you think anyone can smell it on me?”

But does it have to be this way? Weddings are full of food, music, and celebration. There seems to be a natural “marriage” between cannabis and weddings.


Irie Weddings, cannabis,Irie Weddings and Events aims to take the stigma out of consuming cannabis at a wedding. “It is ironic that cannabis at weddings has been looked down on for so long, yet there has always been at least one or two attendees in a car catching a buzz outside of the wedding reception,” Co-founder Bec Koop said.

The company offers services that are similar to traditional wedding planners. They can book 4/20 friendly venues, music, photographers, and caterers for couples.

But Irie Weddings has much more than standard wedding planning services. Couples and their guests can enjoy “bud bars.” Irie’s bud bars include a customizable strain menu. And since we all know that consumption is not one-size-fits-all, Irie is able to provide joints, Pax vaporizers, a Volcano desktop vape, glass pipes, and edibles. Cannabis floral arrangements, party favors, and gift bags can also be provided by Irie Weddings.

Irie Weddings, bud bar, cannabisOf course many in the conservative wedding industry were not exactly welcoming of cannabis event services. Koop’s previous company, Buds and Blossoms, had the battle scars to prove this. While discussing her company at a convention, one particular conversation went south quickly. According to Koop, she was told to “shut my mouth and leave her f-ing booth.” The vendor did not abbreviate the f-word.

Koop’s passion for working with flowers dates back to her childhood. “I have been playing with flowers since I was a little kid in my mom’s best friend’s floral shop,” she said.

Years later, the idea for a unique company started to form. “One day I had extra flowers from an event and happened to be cutting down a cannabis plant from my personal garden and decided to put flowers around the cannabis plant and it was a total ‘A-ha’ light bulb moment that changed everything.”

Medical cannabis is supported by almost 90% of the country, while recreational use has the support of approximately 60% of Americans. Crumbling social barriers should be a boost to Irie Weddings. “I think cannabis breaking into a very traditional and conservative industry is a HUGE feat,” Koop said.

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