6 Horticulture and Growing Products to Make November Great

Prokure1 1 clip web
Prokure1 1 clip web

ProKure1 Disinfection and Deodorizing System

The ProKure1 System is an evolution in professional-grade odor and pathogen control. No need for bleach or harsh chemicals. The company claims the system is an ecological solution that saves time and eliminates the need for other products.



Horticulture ProductsAi -20°C to 99°C 7L-capacity Compact Recirculating Chiller 110V

This compressor-based recirculating chiller is quiet and easy to use. A powerful force/suction pump provides constant flow rates, while a microprocessor PID maintains precise temperature. AcrossInternational.com

Horticulture ProductsPrimordial Solutions Sea Green

The Sea Green line increases nutrient uptake, soil conditioning, and plant vigor in all stages from rooting to fruiting. Available in sizes from two ounces to five gallons. The natural plant nutrient products offered by Primordial Solutions improve plant purity and increase volume and quality while cutting the cost of production.


Horticulture ProductsAIRNUGZ

Airganics offers AIRNUGZ filtration units for greenhouse odor control. The full line features proprietary DUAC filter technology, designed to eliminate organic odors from plants, fertilizers, mold, scents, and food. Larger units come in wheeled and hand-truck styles for easy moving. Airganics will create custom configurations.


Horticulture ProductsElevation Organics

Elevation Organics nutrients are formulated to enhance natural flavors and aromas while increasing bud sites and yields. Liquid and dry nutrients encourage healthy plants without disrupting the delicate balance required for healthy, productive plants. Other organic products include soil amendments and growing medium.


Horticulture ProductsDosatron Solutions Chemical Injectors

Dosatron Inc.’s eponymous chemical injectors are water-powered, so no electricity is necessary. Simple to use and easy to maintain, the Dosatron provides infinitely adjustable dosage rates, pulling up solution like a syringe and displacing it into the body of the machine, where it mixes with the incoming water.