5 Horticulture Products You”ll Love for September

Spring Pots Classic
Spring Pots Classic

Spring Pot Classic

Made with an internal plastic-coated spring that pops up, the classic Spring Pot is the first fabric pot that can hold its shape. Available in black with colored stitching in sizes from two gallons to fifteen gallons.



mg horticulture products September Gorilla Grow Tent

Constructed with an all-steel, interlocking frame, an infrared-blocking roof insertion, 360-degree wraparound access, 11-inch double cinching, and no-leak ducting ports, the indoor hydroponic Gorilla Grow Tent comes in twelve sizes from 2’ x 4’ to 10’ x 20’.


mg horticulture products SeptemberHydro Organics Earth Juice Original “Big 5”

Widely hailed, Earth Juice is a natural, organic liquid fertilizer that is mixed to create big-time vegetative stem and leaf growth. Available in sizes from one pint to fifty-five gallons.


mg horticulture products SeptemberThe Mother Bucker

Developed seventy-five years ago for mechanically harvesting hops, The Mother Bucker is an efficient, industrial-grade machine that delicately removes flowers from stripped stems. Variable speed control allows for versatility; can be used wet or dry.


mg horticulture products SeptemberGrowlink Environment Controller

With Growlink’s all-in-one Environment Controller, you can manage your grow room from your phone. The Environment Controller can be used to set rules including sensor triggers, timers, and schedules to automate the grow process. One-year limited warranty and free lifetime support.