Solution 3 Could Be A Miracle

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Solution 3

Imagine a world without industrial pesticides, where an innocuous spray provides organic protection to a multiplicity of crops, including cannabis, negating the need for damaging chemicals, saving energy and water, and improving yield. Now imagine Solution 3.

Created by the fertile minds of Gentlemen Growing and its scientific partners, Solution 3—a “protective biomist”—is defined by co-founder Bill Monroe as “a concentrated formula rich in biology and biochemistry from plants found in different conditions and extreme environments around the world.” Sourced from raw, natural products found in Africa, Asia, and South America, precise plant species are targeted for their ability to maintain effective growing conditions in stressful environments.

“We harvest their seeds and fruits and our scientific partners utilize a patented extraction method to harness the rich, complex bio-mass in these seeds, which we bottle as a concentrate,” Monroe says. “When it is mixed with water and sprayed on plants, the live vegetation starts taking on the properties of these other plants and begins managing and navigating stress in a more effective way.


“We’re not changing the structure or function of the plant, but helping build its strength and resilience to threats,” he adds. “We look at the entire lifecycle of the plant, so it requires a maintenance dose and a regular application, but you will notice increased growth, more erect shoots and branches, and happier leaves overnight or within days. As you apply Solution 3 throughout its lifecycle, the stronger the plant will respond to stress, navigate heat and water better, and utilize nutrients more effectively.”

Results? “We’ve had growers produce several cycles never having had to rely on a pesticide or fungicide again,” says Monroe. “The other thing that Solution 3 offers is a reduced carbon footprint. Plants utilize nutrients more effectively, allowing growers to cut back their feeding schedules and reduce their overhead significantly. Savings depend on growing regimens, the type of nutrients being used, and how stressful the environment is for the plants.”

Focused on helping large grows become more efficient, Gentlemen Growing is also rebranding as Solution 3 for the cannabis industry, with a new URL,

“Our goal is to help people make the shift to more sustainable models,” says Monroe.

What is an extremophile?
An extremophile is an organism adapted to unusual limits of one or more abiotic factors in the environment. Some of the extreme conditions are temperature, pH, high salinity, high levels of radiation, and high pressure.

What does abiotic mean? (a·bi·ot·ic)
Physical rather than biological; not derived from living organisms
Devoid of life; sterile.

Types of Extremophiles:
*Acidophile: Organism growing in acidic environments.

*Alkaliphile: Organisms growing in high-pH environments.

*Endolith: Organism living inside rocks or the pores of mineral grains.

*Halophile: Organism growing in highly saline environments.

*Oligotroph/Piezophile: Organism that thrives in nutrient-poor environments.

*Psychrophile: Organism that grows best at 15 degrees Celsius and lower.

*Thermophile: Organism that grows at 40 degrees Celsius or higher.

*Toxitolerant: Organisms that grow in the presence of damaging elements.

*Xerophile: Organism that grows with very little water activity.

How Much Solution 3 to Use?
1 oz. bottle of Solution 3 ($59.95 retail) will treat two to three dozen plants for an entire lifecycle of 12-14 weeks. Good for a caregiver growing for patients; will treat 36 plants for the entire lifecycle.

4 oz. bottle ($174.95) will treat 100-150 plants, depending on the size of the plants.

16 oz. ($649.95) will treat approx. 400-600 plants, a major grow.

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