Chelsie Kern VP of marketing and advertising for Blackbird, recommends…

DR Chelsea Kern mg magazine 1
DR Chelsea Kern mg magazine 1

I love anything grown by Cannabiotix ( Their genetics are always spectacular, and the quality of everything that comes out of their facilities is superb. I also love them because they’re kind of like the Willy Wonka of weed. They’re very private about their operations, which comes off as a “nobody ever comes in, and nobody goes out” vibe, but everyone knows you want those products on your shelves.

I am super-obsessed with dosist ( products, specifically their bliss pen. I have a tendency to go from zero to paranoid real quick, but their easy, precise dosing makes it so I don’t overindulge.


Select CBD’s ( line of products is my favorite, because they care about quality control. Despite not being required to test their line before taking them to market, they do, and that’s an expensive endeavor. It illustrates they truly believe in the caliber of their goods and care about what their customers are consuming.

Cosmic View’s Viva La V! ( has become a crucial part of my self-care routine. Most people in the cannabis space are health-and-wellness focused, but I don’t often hear about wellness products specifically for vaginal health. This organic salve is chockfull of probiotics and can even be used as a lubricant. Double bonus: Cosmic View was founded by a mom-daughter duo, and I am all about supporting women-owned businesses.

I love The Apothecarium ( in San Francisco’s Castro District. The space is open and inviting, complete with marble floors that feel luxurious without being too decadent. They even have a gallery space with a healthy rotation of artists. I also really like Silver State Relief ( in Sparks, Nevada. Their team has done a remarkable job of creating a pleasant customer experience, and every touch point with their staff is lovely.

I am pretty sensitive to cannabis, but Gorilla Glue #4 is a concentrate strain that truly helps with chronic pain from injuries and neurological disorders. It has been a go-to for many patients.

Summerland Ceramics ( creates beautiful, contemporary smoking accessories that feel very modern. For me, a huge component to overcoming the deeply seeded stigma associated with cannabis is through thoughtful design. Using appealing accessories when smoking elevates the whole experience into a ceremony centered on consciousness. If you’re looking for a boutique to shop curated cannabis-culture goods, I recommend Mister Green ( They have a showroom in [Los Angeles] which I haven’t had a chance to visit yet, but their online shop offers the same selection you can find in-store—everything from apparel to rolling trays to zines.

Cannavative Indica Gummiez ( are my go-to nightcap on evenings when I am having a hard time letting go of my to-do lists for the day. Each gummy [is infused with] 10mg [of indica] and offers the perfect chill for a restful night’s sleep—which is especially beneficial when I’m feeling a bit manic. Kikoko’s Sympa-Tea ( is another one of my go-to holistic unwinding rituals after a challenging day and also provides me speedy relief from menstrual cramps. The ginger and turmeric make for a palatable taste with the perfect amount of herbal spice. 

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