4 Infused Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Customers Will Want

Valentines Day cannabis products mg retailer
Valentines Day cannabis products mg retailer

Valentine’s Day is a holiday where expressions of love are not only encouraged, they are expected. But the apple of our eyes vary from person to person. Some want romantic dinners and heartfelt love letters while others want… cannabis-infused treats! Check out these four cannabis gifts that are perfect for your customers looking to infuse something a little different into their Valentine’s Day!

Flowers on Flowers Cananbis Bouquet Valentine's Day mg Retailer
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Cannabis Floral Arrangements


Flowers on Valentine’s Day may seem cliché, but these arrangements are anything but ordinary. Typical flowers are actually an odd choice to express undying love. Like many failed relationships, traditional flowers arrive looking great and then quickly shrivel up and need to be discarded. But what about a bouquet that provided something a bit different? Both Lowells Herb Co. and Flowers on Flowers offer flower bouquets that are sure to please cannabis enthusiasts on Valentine’s Day. These beautiful arrangments intricately weave cannabis buds into the arrangements, making them a worthwhile investment.

Lowells Herb Co.

Flowers on Flowers

Dixie Straight Up Milk Chocolate Valentines Day mg Retailer
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Dixie Straight Up Milk Chocolate

Dixie, one of the most recognized cannabis edibles makers gets straight to the point on this one. Their Straight Up Milk Chocolate is exactly what it sounds like. Couples will want to enjoy a great Valentine’s night together with these easy to dose chocolate bars. Each bar comes with easily breakable 8mg of THC pieces and includes 100mg overall. One of Valentines’ Day staple gifts just got a whole lot cooler!

velvet swing valentine's day mg retailer

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Velvet Swing Cannabis Lubricant

Romance is obviously more than smelling flowers and eating candy. Velvet Swing has you covered if you are looking to enhance the intimacy on Valentine’s Day. They have created a water-soluble intimacy lubricant. It contains both THC and CBD, and a special terpene blend tailored for sexuality. Velvet Swing is intended to improve blood flow and sensation. It is discreet, does not have a cannabis smell, and is sure to spice things up!
Kush Queen Passion bath bomb Valentine's Day mg retailer
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Kush Queen Passion Bath Bomb

Kush Queen’s Passion Bath Bomb was created specifically for romance and is a great gift for Valentine’s Day. With a balanced 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, these bath bombs are both stimulating but offer a chance for relaxation as well. Kush Queen bath bombs are made from 100% organic essential oil blends and include no artificial dyes or preservatives.