Yobi Releases Comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) System for Cannabis Dispensaries

yobi mg magazine 2
yobi mg magazine 2

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Yobi (www.getyobi.com), the only scalable software solution for managing complex cannabis dispensary operations, is available for immediate migration from standard point of sale (POS) systems already in place in addition to new retail installations. Unlike other retailers, cannabis dispensaries must comply with some of the most complex regulations across any industry, all of which vary from state to state and even county to county, and they often change frequently.

“Many cannabis dispensaries are unable to optimize their stores to a familiar retail environment that most consumers expect, and are operating with a set of tools that were cobbled together from different systems that are preventing these businesses from reaching their potential,” said Jeremy O’Keefe, founder and CEO of Yobi. “Too many dispensaries are stuck with generally poor inventory and supply chain management tools that were rushed to the cannabis market and built on antiquated technologies. It doesn’t have to be that way, which is where the combined software and retail expertise of Yobi gives us an edge that is critical in any software space.”


Cannabis retailers require stable, secure, and scalable enterprise-grade software to replace current solutions that have a history of inconvenient system-wide downtimes, periodic crashing, and the release of private information into the public. Yobi’s seasoned management team has years of retail technology experience which includes building retail software for top-tier companies ranging from Amazon to Zappos. The Yobi solution streamlines day-to-day operations, reduces redundancies and automates repeated processes, paying for itself just by saving time and eliminating waste.

Cannabis retail dispensaries are very different from other stores and therefore require a unique software solution engineered to meet complicated and mandatory compliance requirements, including: customer purchase limitations based on timeframes; tax rate differences for medical and adult-use; dosage regulations; and more.  Most states require dispensaries to track every time a product is moved, parsed, sold or changed at all in real-time. For example in California retailers are required to use the state’s mandated compliance API.  Off-the-shelf systems simply do not support these multiple product and customer sets.  Furthermore, the majority of POS platforms make their revenue from credit card swipe fees, which are still illegal in the cannabis market, making it difficult for these providers to stay in business.

“I have been involved in the management of multiple dispensaries and have used or tested dozens of POS systems designed for the cannabis space and I was frustrated by everything I came across – even the most expensive systems were terrible to work with,” said Virginia Bays of OutCo, a San Diego dispensary that is using Yobi.  “We have now happily transitioned over to Yobi and our budtenders love the user interface – its intuitive to learn and makes training new staff easy.  Best of all, the Yobi team is extremely responsive. From ensuring that the system is secure and will never have outages, to running custom reports, Yobi provides the kind of customer support that is rare in this industry.”

Yobi’s retail cannabis software solution features:
-Real time inventory management
-Order fulfillment
-Custom workflows for sales associates
-Real-time online menu and order tracking
-Shopper profiles for each dispensary location
-Intuitive user interface
-Security: no public access to databases or compliance APIs; follows government data security best practices; data backups created every 15 minutes
-Single login/integration with third party marketing and loyalty programs

Pricing and Availability

Yobi is now available for immediate integration and offers free setup in less than an hour.  Yobi’s onboarding module will map the data exported from a dispensary’s previous system and upload it into Yobi, saving dispensary operators time and money from the start. Yobi offers flexible pricing based on monthly transaction volume and requires no long-term contracts.

About Yobi

Founded in April, 2016 and headquartered in San Diego, Yobi is the most stable, secure and scalable enterprise-grade software solution for managing cannabis retail operations. Yobi was built by a team of experienced designers and engineers who have built high-volume retail software for some of the biggest brands including Zappos, Amazon, Tom’s Shoes, Harley Davidson, and more. Yobi has proven to increase daily revenue by 15% and dramatically reduce wait times in cannabis retail locations that see >200 patients daily. For more information visit www.getyobi.com.