Wyllow Brings Exclusive Cannabis Genetics to an Inclusive Audience

Logo: Wyllow

LOS ANGELES – Wyllow, a brand new product line of California-grown cannabis flower, is announcing its launch for the conscious cannabis connoisseur that values balance, wellness, and self-care. Woman-owned & operated, and cultivated by first-generation growers and legacy growers alike with over 100 years of combined experience, Wyllow cannabis is a result of unparalleled attention to detail and superior growing methods that have been passed down through generations.

The brains behind Wyllow, Camille Roistacher, is a powerhouse woman of color whose goal is to break the “grass ceiling” with a brand that plays on femininity while still being inclusively designed and intended for all. Camille’s original vision came to life after she and her husband, Josh Roistacher opted to also be business partners by opening their first dispensary together. In 2018, the duo quickly noticed room for improvement on the distribution side of the industry and pivoted to launch Voyage Distribution, a fully integrated supply-chain company that incubates cannabis brands, distributes products across dispensaries in California, and has a one-of-a-kind wholesale showroom where clients have the ability to shop bulk flower from over 250 farms that span Humboldt County to Coachella Valley.


Voyage Distribution was able to bring the Wyllow vision to life by building a trusted community of women and eliminating the middleman for the sake of making luxury strains attainable for the price-conscious connoisseur.

“A willow tree symbolizes growth and taking a step in the right direction, which is exactly what Wyllow intends to bring to this industry through the inclusive essence of womanhood,” says Camille Roistacher, CEO of Wyllow.

Wyllow offers exotic indoor-grown cannabis flower for the conscious cannabis connoisseur. Based in Los Angeles, Wyllow is a female owned and operated company created in 2020 as an inclusive brand that’s designed and intended for all. Wyllow’s proprietary strains and terpene profiles, paired with smooth flavors evoke a mellow long-lasting high for every occasion, bringing you to an elevated state while enhancing your experience. As a brand powered by Voyage Distribution, Wyllow can easily tap into a vast network of 250+ cultivators to cut out the middlemen and bring a high-end product directly to the consumer at a reasonable price, without sacrificing quality. Wyllow is a part of The Floret Coalition, an anti-racist collective of small business in the cannabis space funding equity-oriented actions that serve a spectrum of needs in Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities. For more information, check out the Wyllow website at ShopWyllow.com