W Vapes Products Featured In New Chris Brown Video

Chris Brown

On Tuesday July 5th singer Chris Brownposted a sneak peek of his new video for the song “Leave Broke” from his upcoming mixtape featuring Famous Fresh on his Instagram page @chrisbrownofficial. Many in the California Cannabis Industry took note of the signature “W” on a disposable vaporizer device being smoked by two of the dancers in the video. It was W Vapes. Today the video clip has over 980k views.

★ View the video on W Vapes Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BHfrtT5gHMI/


W Vapeslaunched in August of 2015 with their premier products, the sleek, organic, CO2 extracted, and strain specific medicinal cannabis oil W Vape cartridges and disposable pensat HempCon Cup San Francisco. Within a few months W Vapes won “Best New Product”at HempCon Dab CupSan Jose, and added “Best New Product”at HempCon CupSan Bernardinoand “Best Personal Vaporizer” from HempConSan Francisco 2016to its growing list of awards. W Vapes is a proud supporting member of many cannabis organizations, such as CCIA, Women Grow, and CA NORML. In 2016, W Vapes is expanding its philanthropic vision to creative artists.

“As our company is made up primarily of artists, we seek to support creative endeavors in many ways. W Vapes has done a tremendous amount of outreach to the artistic community. Many musicians, street artists, and creators of all kinds are big fans of our creations, as we are of theirs.” -Layla Ross, President, W Vapes

W Vapes, a new company out of Los Angeles California, offers premium quality, locally sourced, organic, co2 extracted supercritical cannabis oil vape pens. Both disposable pens and cartridges, along with push­button and direct­inhale rechargeable battery packs, are created with a modern sleek design. Offered in popular strain specific varieties such as Girl Scout Cookies, Fire OG and Sour Diesel, W Vapes uses the most innovative technology in their extraction process. Batches are regularly tested by an outside lab to ensure W Vapes provides the highest quality organic cannabis oil at all times. W Vapes cannabis oils maintain the outstanding full flavor and aroma of each strain, improving the medicinal benefits. The unique delivery system features glass cartridges designed with a stainless steel inner tube and tip, allowing for increased airflow and enhancing the overall experience. W Vapes encourages recycling with its disposable pen and battery recycling program outlined on their website, WVapes.com.

The W Vapes team is personally committed to the quality of their products, the patient’s experience and customer care. For more information about the company or products, contact Juli Crockett, 877­929­5859.