Wundr Co. Announces Acquisition of iuvo Therapeutics GmbH

LONDON – Wundr Co. (the “Company”), a European cannabis pioneer headquartered in London, is pleased to announce that it has acquired iuvo Therapeutics GmbH (“iuvo Therapeutics” or “iuvo”). iuvo Therapeutics is Germany’s largest independent medical cannabis distributor, holding both medical cannabis import and narcotics distribution licenses for the EU. This acquisition establishes Wundr Co. as one of Europe’s leading independent medical cannabis companies.

iuvo Therapeutics announced today that it has successfully imported the first international shipment of dry cannabis flower from TerrAscend, one of only six Canadian licensed producers with an EU Good Manufacturing Practices (“GMP”) certified facility. TerrAscend and iuvo Therapeutics were recently granted an Export Permit by Health Canada under the Cannabis Act, and an Import Authorization from Germany’s Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices.


With an estimated 30,000 medical cannabis patients consuming more than 7,200 kg annually, Germany has quickly become one of Europe’s largest cannabis markets and is expected to generate more than $5 billion in revenue by 2025. The iuvo-TerrAscend partnership presents a significant opportunity for Wundr Co. to generate meaningful revenues, fulfilling the growing needs of medical cannabis patients in Germany and the EU.

This acquisition provides Wundr Co. with a cornerstone medical cannabis asset soon to be augmented by additional M&A opportunities in the European market.

About Wundr Co.
Wundr Co. is a London-based cannabis company that is focused on helping European patients and consumers in the most precise and effective ways. Our diversified team features in depth knowledge and expertise across the cannabis supply chain.

About iuvo Therapeutics
iuvo Therapeutics GmbH was founded in 2017 and is a fully licensed GDP/GMP pharmaceutical wholesaler in Germany. The Company has the only independent license allowing them to both distribute and release medical cannabis products across the EU.