Wrazel: Invest Directly in Cannabis and Hemp

Wrazel logo mg magazine
Wrazel logo mg magazine
Wrazel is an online platform connecting investors and cannabis businesses seeking to raise capital. Wrazel has over $125 million of investment opportunities available for accredited investors to capitalize on the “Green Rush” of cannabis.  On Wrazel, unlike other investment platforms, investors can invest online directly with cannabis businesses without having any other entity in the middle to control their investest process, details, and results. Each investment opportunity is pre-vetted by the diligent Wrazel team who conducts SEC background checks and require businesses to provide ample due diligence.
On Thursday, August 6, Wrazel will host an event for investors who are looking to invest in the growing realm of Cannabis Testing. Among networking opportunities, and various speakers who will discuss testing within the Cannabis space, Navigator Genomics Testing, a leading direct-to-consumer DNA lab test for genetic responses to cannabis, will live pitch their investment opportunity at the event.
Details: 8/6/19 from 5:30pm-8:30pm located at 18575 Jamboree Road, Irvine CA 92612
For more information, visit Wrazel.com.