Wick & Mortar Partner with Data Skrive to Provide Automated Content

Company logo: Wick & Mortar

SEATTLE – Wick & Mortar and Data Skrive announced an official partnership today to educate the booming cannabis market with automated content featuring accurate, fact-based and data-driven analytics. The unprecedented fusion of artificial intelligence and high-quality journalism will work tirelessly to produce engaging content that informs consumers and communities while dispelling industry myths.

With the cannabis industry enjoying prodigious enthusiasm and funding, transparency and market education are paramount. From mom-and-pop shops to the most significant cannabis brands around the globe, the ability to inform the marketplace via factual, accurate and statistically-driven quality content has never been more important.


“This partnership is critical to driving awareness and educating the cannabis market,” said Jared Mirsky, CEO at Wick & Mortar. “From rules and regulations to the nuances of individual strains and their health benefits, deciphering fact from fiction is integral to the long-term health of the cannabis industry.”

“Because legislation demands intricate tracking, the cannabis industry is flush with data like never before,” said Brad Weitz, Data Skrive CEO. “As the plant becomes increasing legal around the world, businesses, brands and consumers alike will benefit greatly from having access to comprehensive, journalistic-like information on everything from which products to purchase to the medicinal benefits.”

With cannabis access flourishing globally, distinguishing factual versus false information is vital to industry growth. Data Skrive leverages historical data to disseminate pro-cannabis messaging via automated articles, infographics, lists, social posts and more. In turn, businesses and brands can enlighten individual consumers and the industry as a whole with AI-driven content composed as thoroughly and professionally as if a veteran journalist crafted it.

About Data Skrive
Data Skrive is a SaaS technology platform producing contextually relevant, ready-to-publish content. Whether audiences want text, infographics, slide shows, or interactive content, the Data Skrive platform drives engagement. The Seattle-based company generates additional media-rich content for the Associated Press, college athletic departments, minor league baseball clubs and more.

About Wick & Mortar
Wick & Mortar is positioned as a cannabis-focused boutique branding and marketing agency. The core services we provide include branding, marketing, strategy, copywriting, packaging design, packaging production, and website design. Additional services we can offer include marketing, consulting, photography, videography and advertising. Wick & Mortar will compete against other competitive agencies through a plethora of experience, deep-rooted relationships and compassion for the cannabis industry.