Welcome to the Future of Cannabis Retail: The Peak Beyond Launches Smart Store Technology

Intuitive Smart Shopping Displays engage and educate customers, dramatically improve in-store sales

The Peak Beyond product
The Peak Beyond product
SAN RAFAEL, Calif. – The Peak Beyond (www.thepeakbeyond.com), the technology company developing the future of in-store retail, announced the launch of its Smart Shopping Display system in cannabis dispensaries and mainstream retailers across the United States. The Peak Beyond’s smart store technology allows dispensaries and brands to streamline operations, advertise products and increase sales by inviting shoppers to actively engage with products via large touchscreen displays. As shoppers place products on the Smart Shopping Display, the screen immediately animates, bringing to life the product’s story through real-time, in-depth product information — all without the assistance of a salesperson. The Smart Shopping Display responds to shoppers’ actions, collecting powerful customer data for brands and dispensaries.
“In an industry where strict regulation keeps products tucked behind a counter out of reach of the customer, our platform has the potential to revolutionize in-store customer engagement,” said Jeff LaPenna, CEO of The Peak Beyond. “People like to hold things and examine them before they make a purchase, and that’s more than often not allowed in cannabis. By combining hands-on product interaction with customer-led digital engagement, The Peak Beyond is best positioned to build meaningful, long lasting connections between customers and brands, as well as the retailers that sell them.”
Prior to the company’s nationwide launch, The Peak Beyond ran pilot programs for both brands and dispensaries throughout California. According to one participating brand, 25 percent of customers who made a brand purchase said that their interaction with the display drove their decision. 805 Beach Breaks, a dispensary in San Diego, integrated The Peak Beyond smart display systems throughout their retail space. “The Peak Beyond’s smart displays increased our cart sizes by 40% and lowered our staffing expenses by 20%,” said 805 Beach Breaks GM, Daniel Fried, “This was well beyond what we had hoped for, and we saw immediate ROI once we transitioned to become the industry’s first Smart Store.”
The rapidly growing cannabis industry has served as an incubator for the smart store retail revolution. As dispensaries open throughout the country, many have embraced technology as a way to navigate complicated regulatory hurdles, including restrictions on advertising and marketing.
“The cannabis industry has shown itself to be a source of innovation, and The Peak Beyond is pioneering retail technology in everyday cannabis shopping,” said Micah Tapman, managing director of CanopyVentures. “While the smart store retail revolution develops in various sectors, cannabis has been a real leader in this category. Here cannabis companies can develop systems and innovative techniques at lower costs with the opportunity to scale and serve businesses across various industries.”
The Peak Beyond’s value extends beyond its cutting-edge customer engagement functionality. The Smart Shopping Displays track every product that customers handle, collecting valuable behavioral data on their browsing pathways. The Peak Beyond has also teamed up with point-of-sale (POS) innovator, Treez.io, to further reduce staff time per sale and enable customers to place orders without standing in line.
About The Peak Beyond
The Peak Beyond designs and manufactures smart displays and interactive retail and marketing tools. Based in San Rafael, California, The Peak Beyond technology revolutionizes the cannabis shopping experience, inviting customers to pick up a product demo, place it on a display screen, and learn about the product and brand before completing a sale, all without salesperson intervention. Brands use The Peak Beyond smart displays to stand out in a crowded marketplace, increasing sales and building customer loyalty. Dispensaries utilize The Peak Beyond technology to streamline operations and promote featured products. The Peak Beyond Smart Store™ technology offers robust data collection functionality to optimize business strategy. For more information visit www.thepeakbeyond.com.
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