urban-gro Launches Soleil® Sense and Soleil 360 Platform for Cannabis Cultivators

urban gro Soleil mg Magazine
urban gro Soleil mg Magazine
Lafayette, Colo. – urban-gro, Inc., a leading agricultural solution and technology company that works with leading commercial cannabis cultivators around the world, launched the Soleil Sense and Soleil 360 Platform at NCIA’s 6th Annual Cannabis Business Summit & Expo in San Jose, California on July 23 and 24. Providing commercial growers the ability to access environmental growing data anywhere, Soleil Sense and the Soleil 360 Platform is designed to improve crop quality, consistency, and operational efficiencies by using high-resolution wireless sensor networks. The system delivers actionable, data-driven microclimate intelligence by monitoring critical environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, air flow, light intensity, soil moisture, nutrient levels, and CO2 levels.
As cannabis markets have expanded and matured, industry investors have felt the impact of crop loss and contamination. Over the course of just one week in September 2018, WEEDreported a $1.5B market cap decline due to crop contamination and loss. In a report from Organic Grow Solutions, average yield loss among larger cannabis cultivations is reported to exceed more than $1M annually. Soleil can help minimize these implications by proactively monitoring key conditions and sending real-time alerts when abnormal variables are detected.
“The environmental conditions inside your cultivation facility are a key indicator of the overall health of your crop and gauge of properly functioning systems. For instance, if the base humidity levels in one area of the room starts to increase, it could indicate that a dehumidification system is not functioning properly. This increases the probability of a powdery mildew outbreak which could rapidly spread,” says urban-gro CEO and Co-Founder Brad Nattrass. “Soleil is a technology tool for growers of all sizes to easily monitor their crop and use the data to inform actions aimed at maximizing yields.”
“urban-gro’s Soleil technology helps cultivators of all sizes maximize crop quality and yield while reducing operational costs. We have developed this ambient computing solution to provide a detailed examination of the crop’s vital needs,” said urban-gro CTO Larry Dodson.  “By working collaboratively with cultivators in our beta environments, we have customized a grower-centric platform with daily actionable information relevant to your crop’s health and vitality.”
“The data that we receive from the Soleil platform helps inform our decisions and ensures that our plants are thriving in an optimal environment. The data also supports repeatable success from one crop cycle to the next. Early notification of any potential issues allows us to address the source before it becomes a problem,” says Jeremy Plumb, Director of Production Science with Prūf Cultivar in Portland, Oregon.
urban-gro is a leading agricultural solutions and technology company focused on serving commercial cultivators around the world. By combining its four business platforms—cultivation systems & design, cultivation optimization & technical support, environmental science, and technology—urban-gro provides integrated solutions for today’s commercial cannabis cultivators. The company’s technology platform, Soleil®️, delivers micro climate intelligence using wireless, high-resolution sense technology. Cultivators are able to use the data reported to take action to protect their high value crops and optimize operations. urban-gro is recognized as one of the cannabis industry’s fastest growing companies. Visit www.urban-gro.com (http://www.urban-gro.com/) and soleiltech.ag (https://www.soleiltech.ag/) to learn more.