Too Shy to Try? Cannabis CEO Has a Solution

Grown Rogue mg Magazine

CEO of Grown Rogue, Obie Strickler has a unique way to bring new customers into the cannabis space…Science.

With more and more states adopting legalization, people who are new to the plant are becoming more curious, however many of them are scared to try new products, or cannabis
at all.
Obie Strickler, Co-Founder and CEO of Grown Rogue said, “The feedback we have consistently heard is that consumers want to know about the experience before they are ready
to try something new. To that end, we are leveraging science to help predict effects. The system we’ve developed simplifies purchasing decisions through our colorful, intuitive and user-friendly system that’s based on past consumer’s data on effects and experiences.
It helps people better navigate the cannabis landscape.”
Grown Rogue is the first cannabis brand to gather quantitative
and qualitative data in a real-time consumer feedback study that categorizes strain effects. This survey will give customers deeper insight into the products they should try.
The company partnered with research psychologists from the University of California – Santa Barbara to design a scientifically validated survey that participants will fill
out before and after consumption of product. The study includes quantitative data (things that can be tested in a lab) with qualitative data (taking customer survey feedback and adding a special algorithm to help categorize experiences).