The Dart Releases One Hitter Care and Use Guidelines


DALLAS, Texas – The One Hitter pipe has always been a great option for smoking discreetly, portability, and for conserving. It’s perfect for microdosing and provides a unique smoking experience compared to what you would get with other traditional options. Below is more about what the One Hitter offers and how it can be a very effective smoking tool.

What Is a One Hitter?


The cigarette-style One Hitter is a small pipe connected to a narrow bowl at its end, designed for a single inhalation (“one hit”). This offers about 25 milligrams of cannabis per inhalation. This makes it nice for discreet, on-the-go smoking.

How to use a One Hitter

First, you fill the bowl chamber with desired weed. The pieces of the flower shouldn’t be too finely grounded. Make sure the weed is broken up so that it’s small enough to fit into the bowl, but not small so that the pipe will turn it into ash once ignited (inhaling hot ash is never fun!). This measurement may take some practice. Fill the bowl chamber with your flower by pushing it in vertically and press until it’s tightly packed. Lift the One Hitter pipe horizontally and suck lightly on the inhalation end while you light the weed.

Which One Hitter Should I Use?

One Hitters are great smoking tools but have traditionally been made with the same common drawbacks such as an unsturdy frame, overheating quickly, poor airflow, and being difficult to clean. It’s because of these flaws that make some smokers reluctant to give one hitters a chance.

The creators of The Dart felt that it was time someone designed a One Hitter to address those flaws. Traditional One Hitters are often made quite cheaply and are prone to breaking. The Dart uses high-quality aircraft aluminum for high-impact durability and anti-corrosion, while being quite heat resistant. The Dart is engineered with a sharp beveled edge in the chamber that allows a user to dig through the flower for easy loading and an inner core design that allows for a smooth hit. It also has a self-ejecting ash system that makes cleaning a breeze and helps to prevent resin build up.

How to Pack a One Hitter

When trying to pack a One Hitter, you need to get the right consistency for the cannabis flower. It can’t be too big or too small. Too big, and it will clog the chamber; too small, and you’ll inhale ash or draw pieces into your mouth.

Once you’ve found the right consistency, store the ground-up flower in The Dart’s signature canister, then insert your chamber into the canister to scoop up the right amount of flower. This may take a few repetitions to get your desired dose.

How to Smoke a One Hitter

To smoke your One Hitter, simply place the inhalation end to your lips and light a flame while softly inhaling. You can cover the the mouthpiece end with your finger to keep the smoke in, which will help the weed continue to burn. If it burns out, simply re-light and repeat the process.

How to Clean a One Hitter

The best approach to keeping your traditional One Hitter clean is to fully finish your hits to avoid any ash buildup while also using a long tool to poke out any remaining debris. This will help avoid the buildup of resin, which causes clogging and poor airflow.

With the Dart, the ash-eject button helps to clear the ash and debris after every hit which not only cleans the chamber, but keeps it ready for the next fresh dose. Also, the Dart was designed to come part to make cleaning a breeze. A simple isopropyl alcohol soak and cotton swab will have your Dart looking good as new in a matter of minutes.

In Summary

The Dart is the most well designed One Hitter on the market. The brand was created by a team of inventors and cannabis advocates that have taken the industry by storm. The best part is, it’s quite affordable and much more effective than traditional One Hitters. It’s simply an easy-to-use smoking option for enjoying weed as it was meant to be enjoyed.

About The Dart Co.
The DART is the new age one-hitter and dugout that is taking the industry by storm. We are currently in 50 countries, working with the biggest brands, and would love for you to be part of our story. Whether you are a retail store, distributor, or brand looking for an innovative promotional item, let us work to customize an order for you.

Smokers are always looking for convenient ways to enjoy their flower and having the ability to control the dosage is just as important; those happen to be our product’s biggest strengths. The DART is also durable, highly heat resistant, provides smooth airflow, and makes cleaning a breeze. We are proud of our design and we have happy DART users from all over the world.