The Clear™ Arizona Partners with Cannabrand

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New River, AZ – December 1, 2017

The Clear™ Arizona has hired Cannabrand, the world’s first cannabis marketing agency, as we expand within the state of Arizona.

Customers can count on The Clear™ products to be pure, potent and flavorful. Our 96% THC cannabis distillate is available in the The Raw™ form as well as 15 different natural flavors derived from organic plant extracts. We use a 100% solvent-free, proprietary method developed by the scientists at The Clear™. This means we don’t use water/ice, butane, hexane, or ethanol, which are common industry practices.


The first thing you will notice about The Clear™ is its appearance. It looks different from any other concentrate on the market, and the texture is one of a kind as well. The Clear™ can be stirred very easily and has the consistency of honey. Decarboxylation is another difference between our concentrate and other extracts, resulting in a live resin. Our cannabinoid extracts can be dabbed, used in a vape pen, ingested, or applied topically.

“It’s a big deal to have trademarked brands in our industry, and it’s important to protect those brands. Our job in partnering with The Clear™ Arizona is to make sure both customers and dispensaries alike, understand “The Clear” the difference in both quality and value.”

Our customers’ health, satisfaction and wellbeing are our #1 priority, and we take pride in the signature high potency, clarity and flavor of The Clear™ products. Our stringent testing and production standards ensure a consistently high-quality product for our customers with every batch. That’s why we encourage our customers to be wary of any other brands that claim to carry “Clear” concentrates, which do not meet the purity standards of the The Clear™. Don’t get duped by imposter brands—make sure you look for The Clear™ logo for guaranteed quality.

It’s a big deal to have trademarked brands in our industry, and it’s important to protect those brands. We hired Cannabrand to partner with The Clear™ Arizona to make sure both customers and dispensaries alike understand “The Clear” difference in both quality and value. Cannabrand was founded in January 2014 in Denver, Colorado, making it the first known full-service marketing agency dedicated to serving the cannabis industry.

The Clear™ Arizona products are currently available at over 70 licensed dispensaries throughout the state of Arizona, and counting. With a team of dedicated scientists and professionals, we are continuously experimenting with new techniques, improving our processes, and offering the community new and superior cannabis products.

In addition to our popular vape pens and concentrate jars, we are pleased to now carry The Clear™-infused products including Ganja Grindz beverages, Twax medicated rolling papers, and Remedy infused syrup, so that our customers can enjoy our signature extract in a variety of forms.