THC BioMed Clone Shipper Patent Allowed by USPTO

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – THC BioMed Intl Ltd. (“THC BioMed” or the “Company”) provides the following updates:

Patent Application Allowed by USPTO
THC BioMed is pleased to announce that it has received notice from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”), that it has allowed the patent application for THC’s Clone Shipper Constant Illuminated, Tamper-Resistant Plant Container. This is a successful end to the patent application process. The next step will be the Issue Notification Letter to come from the USPTO, which THC expects to receive approximately 3 weeks prior to the official issuance date of the patent.


As noted in the title, this container provides the plant inside it with a constant source of light and helps plants do very well during shipping. The container is also tamper-resistant, which is important for shipping plants such as cannabis clones.

New Products
THC has been focused on product development and sales for “Cannabis 2.0,” with edibles and beverages. It has submitted the following new products to Health Canada for the 60-day notice period for new products:

THC Kiss Gummies
THC BioMed’s latest product, THC Kiss Gummies, are tasty gummy candies containing 2.5 mg of THC each. They will come with 4 in a package (10 mg.) The cannabis extract used is from the same proprietary extraction system as that used in THC Kiss beverage shot.

THC Kiss Water
THC is also pleased to announce that a new product, Kiss Water, has been submitted to Health Canada. THC Kiss Water is a refreshing beverage with a slight herbal taste. Each 220 ml beverage contains 3 mg of THC.

THC Kiss Chocolate
THC chocolate has been formulated with the same cannabis extract used is from the same proprietary extraction system as that used in THC Kiss beverage shot and THC Kiss Gummies. The extract is designed to be fast acting and uplifting and to provide a realistic and great-tasting alternative to smoking cannabis.

About THC BioMed
THC BioMed is a Cannabis Act Licensed Producer of medical and recreational cannabis. It is licensed to cultivate and sell dried, extract, edible and topical cannabis. The Company is on the leading edge of scientific research and the development of cannabis products.