Teewinot Life Sciences Expands Intellectual Property Portfolio

TAMPA, Fla.Teewinot Life Sciences Corporation (“Teewinot” or the “Company”), a global leader in the biosynthetic production of cGMP cannabinoids and cannabinoid analogs as new chemical entities, today announced the issuance of multiple patents covering features of the Company’s CannSynthesis technology platform. Currently, Teewinot has 18 issued and allowed patents with over 40 patent applications pending in key global markets. Teewinot’s IP portfolio includes patents with claims around composition of matter, methods of manufacture, formulations and the use of cannabinoids.

The Teewinot patent portfolio provides comprehensive protection of its CannSynthesis technology platform that supports its drug development pipeline, while also strategically supplying the growing global demand for cGMP cannabinoids in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and consumer health markets.


“The addition of these new patents further strengthens our position as the leader in the biosynthetic cannabinoid space utilizing our proprietary CannSynthesis platform,” stated Dr. Michael Luther, Chief Executive Officer. “This commercially scalable process, which can achieve production levels of up to 180 grams per liter, has allowed us to create a diverse range of cannabinoids including minor cannabinoids and analogs. These capabilities clearly distinguish Teewinot from other cannabinoid companies and provide us with a first-mover advantage in cannabinoid research and evidence-based science for drug and product development. We believe our capabilities make us the partner of choice for companies looking to access consistent, high quality, pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids for underserved health, wellness, and therapeutic applications.”

New patents around the CannSynthesis cannabinoid production platform include:

US Patent #10,214,753, which covers a manufacturing process for CBDA and CBCA using a biphasic biocatalytic process

US Patent #10,336,978 covers the two phase biocatalytic production methods for varin forms of cannabinoids

US Patent Publication #2018-02304990 is directed to a broad biocatalytic method claim for producing cannabinoids using two different cannabinoid synthase enzymes

New patents around NCE composition of matter and enhanced cannabinoid formulation include:

US Patent #10,384,997 covering methods to synthesize various biostable cannabinoid analogs with improved bioavailability

US Patent Publication #2017-0298399 for methods for synthesizing and producing cannabinoid prodrugs

“The issuance of these additional patents reflects the many unique features of our CannSynthesis platform and its potential to create new chemical entities to further our drug development programs,” added Dr. Steve Orndorff, Chief Operating Officer. “With CannSynthesis, we can recognize the enormous potential of cannabinoids and their analogs in the development of new therapeutic agents to address unmet medical needs.”

About CannSynthesis
CannSynthesis is the world’s only patent-protected biocatalytic process for the production of rare cannabinoids from bench to cGMP commercial scale. It utilizes a modular approach for bioreactions to produce specific rare cannabinoids at high titer and purity with high efficiency and speed.  The biocatalytic process is complemented with a variety of proprietary chemical transformations to convert the biologically-derived cannabinoids into other rare cannabinoids. Today, this platform allows for Teewinot to deliver the widest and most diverse range of cannabinoids for the growing market demand.

About Teewinot Life Sciences
Teewinot Life Sciences is a global leader in the biosynthetic development and production of cannabinoids and their derivatives for consumer and pharmaceutical products. The Company is leveraging a unique integrated biocatalytic and chemical synthesis platform, that allows the production of an unprecedented range of cannabinoids and cannabinoid NCEs from bench to cGMP manufacturing.  This platform supports Teewinot’s drug discovery programs as well as industry partnerships for pharmaceutical and consumer product development. Teewinot is revolutionizing the synthetic cannabinoid space with its cost-effective, commercial scale approach to meet the global growing demand for cannabinoid-based products to address unmet health, wellness, and therapeutic needs.