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Though any time is a good time to begin the certification process, time is running out to for the 2016 full season Sun-grown harvest to be TCC Certified SustainableTM. In order to meet the requirements of our certifying process, it is critical that you begin the certification process no later than 90 days prior to harvest. This timeframe is critical to ensure that proper record keeping practices are in place at your facility prior to beginning the certification process, and to provide both TCC and your operation enough time to go through all of the steps leading to the certification of your crop.

The Cannabis Conservancy and our assessment process are backed by a rigorous Quality Management System (QMS) which is in alignment with multiple internationally recognized certification standards.  The certification can be applied to any type of grow – indoor to sun grown; individual to grower groups; small to large; and everything in between. We will assess your operation based on our five core pillars of cultivation: water, waste, energy, cultivation procedure, and policy.


Our mission at TCC is to empower Cannabis growers on their path towards sustainability, and to assure that the regulated Cannabis industry is the most sustainable industry on the planet.

Benefits of TCC’s Sustainability Certification

Our team of qualified sustainability experts understand that integrating sustainability practices into your operation is a long-term commitment of gradual improvement. Recognizing this, we have based our Standards on a pragmatic approach that appreciates the distinctiveness of each grower’s brand and practices. Through our processes, we strive to preserve the historic, cultural, and genetic heritage of Cannabis. The benefits of TCC Certification include:

  • Value added

  • Brand building

  • Convey your story and commitment to sustainability directly to your consumers

  • Meet the demand for premium-priced TCC Sustainability Certified products

  • Improved workflow: gain access to templates to implement Standard Operating Procedures, Quality Management Systems, and conduct internal Energy, Water, and Waste Audits at your facility, without relying on costly third-party consultations

We fully understand that summer is a busy season, and that everyone is hard at work in the garden, so if you think that this season might be too soon to certify your crop, please contact us so that we can discuss options with you.

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