Tall Trees LED Company Launches Harvester Horticultural Lighting System

Company logo: Tall Trees LED

PHOENIX – Light Engine Design Corp.’s (OTC: TLED) wholly owned subsidiary, Tall Trees LED Company, announces its new “Harvester™️” horticultural lighting product. The new Harvester™️ lighting system is the result of 13-years worth of research into horticultural lighting requirements and best practices for the optimization of plant phytochemistry.

The Harvester™️ lighting system incorporates the company’s C3 approach – Color, Coverage and Current. “Color” refers to lighting spectrum that will develop phytochemical content, aromatics and flavonoids, especially for cannabis and hemp. “Coverage” relates to lighting distribution necessary for consistent illumination of a given crop area. “Current” refers to lighting power necessary for deep penetration and higher yields.


The Harvester™️ system is highly configurable and is based on a single Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). This SKU is a light bar measuring 43″ long x 5″ wide x 5″ high. The unit consumes 205W of power and can be deployed as a stand-alone product, or configured in arrays by users in the field. A “Standard” and a more compact “Greenhouse” frame are available to configure arrays of up to 1025 and 615W, respectively. Harvester™️ deploys Tall Trees’ proprietary phosphor for a true full spectrum delivery that is equipped with supplemental red LEDs to ensure the highest quality and maximum yields for flowering plants. Harvester™️ LEDs also feature specialized lenses to tighten delivery and concentrate photons on the target crop.

“We’ve coupled cutting-edge scientific research with feedback from world-renowned experts in the cannabis and hemp space, to produce what we believe will be the industry standard,” said Zacariah Hildenbrand, President and CSO, “The Harvester will not only help operators distinguish themselves in terms crop quality and yield, but the Harvester will also facilitate greater financial efficiency and environmental stewardship, particularly for larger production facilities.”

About Tall Trees LED Company
TLED’s wholly owned subsidiary, Tall Trees LED Company is focused on research, development, manufacturing, and sales of state-of-the-art Solid-State Lighting (SSL) in the Controlled Environment Agriculture industries.