Swisher Changes Corporate Identity, Launches ‘Success Simplified’ Platform

Logo: Swisher

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Swisher International, Inc., a category leader in the highly profitable OTP category, today announced the next steps in its continuous effort to meet the evolving needs of adult consumers worldwide. Swisher International, Inc. will change its corporate identity to SWISHER, signifying the expansion of the company’s vision, offerings and focus on adult consumer lifestyle. While Swisher has always been anchored around its loyal adult consumers, partners and employees, the company is working to build a bold future centered on creativity and innovation.

“We have truly seen an evolution in the tastes of adult consumers, including the preference for lifestyle products within the tobacco category and beyond,” said John Miller, President of Swisher. “We are poised to explore and innovate in new categories while also preserving the legacies and strengths of our existing product portfolios,” Miller added.


Throughout the years, strategic acquisitions, technology improvements and a deep commitment to its partners have all enabled Swisher to maintain its position as an industry leader. Swisher is best known for its legendary Swisher Sweets cigars and classic tobacco brands such as Optimo, Goodies, King Edward and Mail Pouch. Swisher has also worked to expand its offerings with the acquistion of Drew Estate’s premium cigars and other brands in emerging categories. By bringing Hempire pure-hemp rolling papers and Rogue’s portfolio of Nicotine On Demand®️ products into the lineup, Swisher is setting the standard for inspired enjoyment for adult consumers. This strategic approach expands Swisher’s capability to address shifting adult consumer preferences while continuing to focus on success in the core businesses that customers have relied on for decades.

Swisher’s five strategic businesses – Swisher Sweets Cigar Company (Large & Little/Filtered Cigars); Fat Lip Brands (Smokeless); Drew Estate (Premium Cigars); Hempire (Hemp Products); and Rogue Holdings (Modern Oral Nicotine) – provide category expertise, product knowledge and a focused approach under a renewed purpose for the company. Trade partners will have access to the growth strategies and product innovations that drive expanded success.

With innovation and insights at the heart of Swisher’s focus, the company is introducing a platform for trade partners called Success Simplified. This platform is about action, reliability and programs that deliver shared success.

“The Success Simplified platform showcases our commitment to our wholesale and retail partners,” said John Haley, Senior Vice President, Swisher Sales and Marketing. “This platform will enable us to serve our trade partners in innovative and efficient ways while fulfilling our mission of being the leading source of iconic brands, products and experiences adult consumers desire more than any other,” Haley added.

The evolution of the corporate identity and the introduction of the Success Simplified platform signal Swisher’s commitment to adapting and innovating to meet the needs of trade partners and its more than 200 million adult consumers across the country. They never stop evolving. Neither do we. To learn more, please visit www.swisher.com/SuccessSimplified.

Swisher is a leading lifestyle brand for adult consumers. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Swisher also has a global manufacturing presence in Santiago, Dominican Republic; Esteli, Nicaragua and Wheeling, West Virginia. Swisher’s superior customer relationships matched with an unwavering commitment to innovative thinking and action have driven the company to grow and adapt to the evolving preferences of adult consumers for nearly 160 years. Visit www.swisher.com to learn more.