Sun God Medicinals Celebrates OLCC’s New THC Concentration Limits

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SALEM, Ore. – Effective Feb. 1, 2020 the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) has raised the THC concentration limits ( for industrial hemp and hemp items sold within OLCC-licensed marajuana dispensaries. The new division 25 technical rule amendment raises the limit from less than 10 mg of THC allowable in tinctures, and hemp concentrates and extracts to up to 50 mg. For many hemp manufacturers and distributors this is a crucial change.

“The previous OLCC decisions forced us to reduce our hemp potency due to naturally occurring THC found in full-spectrum hemp in order to stay within regulation,” said Brie Malarkey, CEO of Sun God Medicinals. “As a certified organic product line we can not use chemicals to strip the hemp down to a single molecule, like CBD to remove the THC, which is what some companies have done.”


Malarkey lobbied the OLCC for a year to help bring the new regulation change to fruition. She explains that though the regulations are set up with the best intentions, they don’t always take into consideration the whole picture. In order to adjust to previous regulations, the only solution for Sun God Medicinals was to decrease the use of their certified organic, naturally-grown hemp to lower THC, which also lowered CBD content.

“This was a huge blow to our small business,” Said Malarkey. “We had to discontinue product lines including 50 pack hemp capsules or reformulate to meet the new milligram limit.”

The Feb. 1, change will allow Sun God Medicinals to return to the initial formulation in its hemp tinctures and showcase the whole-plant, certified organically grown hemp, much to its customers’ delight.

“We at Sun God Medicinal are the only organic, OLCC licensed, whole-plant herbal company in the state of Oregon,” said Malarkey. “This new regulation change allows us to go back to the original recipe for our tinctures and incorporate the whole hemp plant without using any isolates, staying true to traditional herbalism.”

The Division 25 changes are extensive and include changes in regulation regarding UID and CTS tracking, and licensing changes for producers, retailers, laboratories and hemp certificate holders. To read a full list of the OLCC Division 25 regulatory changes effective on Feb. 1, 2020 visit

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About Sun God Medicinals
Sun God Medicinals was founded in 2014 by husband and wife duo Brie Malarkey and Jon Cunningham. Brie formulated the first herbal tea in 2012 with plants grown on the family farm, Sunna Ra Acres, in Shady Cove, Oregon. Originally blending for a family member suffering from loss of sleep, she then offered the teas to others at regional farmers markets, and eventually through retail stores in 2014. The brand has continued to grow since and now includes 14 different herbal blends in the form of both tea and tinctures. Hemp and Cannabis infused tinctures, salves, edibles and more formulated for consumers who visit Oregon OLCC-licensed cannabis dispensaries.

Sun God Medicinals only uses organically grown, healing herbs that can be cultivated in beautiful Southern Oregon. It supports the region’s organic herb farmers, sustainable wildcrafters, health-conscious food producers, and local artists whenever possible. At Sun God Medicinals all products are created with the health of customers in mind – blending, extracting, and producing effective, high quality products that can really work for you, your family, and your friends.