Statement: Colorado Health Advisory Issued Nov. 28 Does Not Apply to Boulder Botanical & Biosciences Laboratory Operations or Products

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BOULDER, Colorado—Nov. 29, 2018—Robert Di Marco, CEO & Chairman of pioneering cannabinoid company  Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Laboratory, has issued the following statement in regard to a health advisory posted Nov. 28 by Colorado agencies about pesticides found in products made by a state-licensed marijuana business:

“Colorado regulatory agencies issued a recall on products made by Crossroads Wellness LLC, doing business as Boulder Botanics, due to the presence of potentially harmful pesticides in marijuana cultivated by the company.”


“To clarify: Boulder Botanics is in no way affiliated with Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Laboratory.  Our operations only include organically grown hemp products and are in no way similar or related to Boulder Botanics or their medical marijuana offerings. We commend Colorado state agencies and officials for taking swift action to uphold health standards and keep Coloradans safe.”