RYAH Medtech Addresses Vaping-Related Illness Epidemic

NEW YORK – RYAH Medtech, Inc. (“RYAH” or the “Company”), a big data and technology company focused on valuable predictive analysis in the global medical plant intake industry, has been monitoring the recent coverage of vape related illness covered in the media. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned the public to not use vaping products bought on the street and states around the country have begun instituting bans on certain products. Yet, many patients have relied on vaping devices for medical relief for years and are trying to wrap their arms around the recent concerns raised by regulators.

“Vaping has been used for hundreds of years as a delivery system for medicine; access to this technology needs to remain available. Regulated manufacturers, like RYAH, create trusted, verified devices that deliver proper dosing and valuable insights to the patients that use them,” said Gregory Wagner, Chief Executive Officer of RYAH.


“It’s important to distinguish the ongoing benefits of dose-measuring devices and proprietary cartridges designed for precise, patient use and effective treatment versus the inferior counterfeit and black-market products out there. We are encouraged to see so many public leaders tackling this health crisis, including the First Lady Melania Trump. RYAH would be happy to sit down with her to discuss the data that we have been collecting for years on vaping consumption.

“It is a critical time to examine ongoing research and insights that will support patients and allow health care providers with access to data necessary to develop regulated, medicines for vaping and protect the public,” Wagner added.

RYAH is a complete digital ecosystem leveraging both Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to create a dynamic data service for the medical plant industry. It offers a dry-herb vaporizer device capable of storing all plant lab results, measuring patient inhalation sessions in real-time and capturing instant feedback for plant dose management.

About RYAH Medtech, Inc.
RYAH is a big data and technology company focused on valuable predictive analysis in the global medical plant intake industry. Its robust artificial intelligence platform aggregates and correlates HIPAA-compliant medical data, which is intended to help doctors and patients personalize plant-based treatments to better predict treatment outcomes. The data collection is also relevant for growers, dispensaries and Licensed Processors (LPs) to monitor and manage plant strain effects on patients. With a strong IP portfolio, RYAH gathers deep and insightful data on the complete medical plant lifecycle, from seed to consumption.