Rubicon Organics Receives Environmental Farm Plan Certification

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Rubicon Organics Inc. (CSE:ROMJ) (OTCQX:ROMJF) (“Rubicon Organics” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it is the first cannabis company in Canada to receive Environmental Farm Plan certification from the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture, thereby being recognized as an industry leader for its commitment to sustainability and environmental best practices.

“Every step we take is guided by a company wide commitment to cultivating incredible cannabis while also doing what is best for the planet – a commitment that we believe will appeal to both consumers and investors alike,” said Jesse McConnell, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Rubicon Organics. “Through the EFP certification process, we have established strong relationships with provincial regulators and are excited to work alongside them to not only adhere to industry best practices but to also help set those standards.”


“Combined with our recently announced FVOPA organic certification, Rubicon Organics is now positioned to offer consumers the ultimate combination of super-premium, certified organic and environmentally sustainable cannabis grown in the most ideal climate on the BC coast. It has taken us four years of extensive research and development in perfecting organic cannabis cultivation at scale to get to this point and we are keen to finally bring our superior products to market in the coming months.”

Environmental Farm Plan
The EFP is a rigorous government audited process that acknowledges excellence in agricultural production with regards to the environment and human health. The program supports businesses to complete agri-environmental risk assessments, the benefits of which include: improved sustainability of British Columbia’s agricultural industry; recognition of efforts to manage land in an environmentally sustainable manner; enhanced marketing opportunities and improved relationships with environmental agencies; and improved response to environmental incidents through contingency planning.

The Company’s facility in Delta, BC, is focused on environmental sustainability by being “net-zero” energy. All electricity usage is generated through hydro power and the plants are grown using the sun and LED lighting.  The facility is also “net-zero” waste where: (i) all organic matter is composted and reused; and (ii) carbon is recaptured and reused with all carbon dioxide generated by operations used as a crop supplement.

In addition, the Delta facility is committed to water conservation through: (i) precision, sensor-based watering which reduces water consumption; (ii) 100% rainwater collection and recycling; and (iii) usage of condensate traps and moisture sensors to recycle all water vapor collected from processing.

Rubicon Organics Inc. is a Licensed Producer focused on building certified organic, super-premium cannabis brands at its flagship 125,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art hybrid greenhouse located on a 20-acre property in Delta, BC, Canada. Management has unparalleled cannabis and organic farming expertise as well as prior successful commercialization of cannabis with Whistler Medical Marijuana Company, which was purchased by Aurora Cannabis in January 2019 for $175 million.

The Company is currently ramping up to produce approximately 11,000 kg of certified organic, super-premium and environmentally sustainable cannabis in 2020 and on creating super-premium brands in Canada.  In the United States, the Company owns a 40,000 square-foot, high-tech hybrid greenhouse in Washington state which is leased to a state-licensed operator applying Rubicon Organics’ proprietary organic cultivation methods. The Company also owns two award-winning U.S. cannabis brands: 1964 Supply Co.™️ in California and Doctor & Crook Co.™️ in Washington; and has exclusive licensing rights in Washington for iconic lifestyle and cannabis brand, Cookies.