Root Engineers Publishes Cannabis Cultivation Operations White Paper

BEND, Ore.Root Engineers, a professional engineering firm specializing in the cannabis industry, has just published a free white paper titled “Cannabis Grow Operations and Design Setpoints.” The white paper defines critical design setpoints for cannabis cultivators and discusses how these considerations can directly impact energy consumption and ultimately, a business’s bottom line.

“The key to any successful cannabis cultivation operation is to balance upfront costs with operational costs,” said Laura Breit, PE, founder and managing principal of Root Engineers. “Having a deep understanding of the topics we cover in the white paper when designing systems can mean the difference between an optimal growing environment that will result in profits, or one that will set you back from a cost standpoint.”


Cannabis cultivation requires a unique set of engineering considerations that can be vital to an operation’s success, including specialized heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Successful operations will make sure that systems are designed around the correct set of specific conditions, not only to maintain the proper growing environment, but also to minimize costs to meet budgets. The white paper draws on the deep knowledge of the Root Engineers team surrounding design setpoints and how fine-tuning these important settings can affect quality, energy usage and operational costs.

“Cannabis Grow Operations and Design Setpoints” takeaways include:

Important information about how dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, humidity, and vapor pressure differential are critical design setpoint considerations for growers

Ways in which a knowledgeable engineering team can partner with growers to design systems based on grower-identified facility conditions and design setpoints

Understanding how to adapt your growing process to use VPD to minimize energy consumption can be a powerful tool to reduce energy consumption and ultimately your bottom line

Root Engineers is a group of experienced professional engineers specializing in the design of systems that support cannabis cultivation and processing operations. The team’s experience completing over 100 cannabis industry projects offers the unique insights included in the new paper.

To view “Cannabis Grow Operations and Design Setpoints” in its entirety, visit

About Root Engineers
Root Engineers, a division of established firm ColeBreit Engineering, is a team of licensed professional engineers providing engineering, design, and consulting services for cannabis cultivation and processing facilities across the country. Root Engineers began building partnerships in its home state of Oregon in 2014 with growers, architects, contractors, and investors. With more than 100 years of combined engineering experience and more than 80 cannabis engineering projects in their portfolio, Root Engineers is a market leader in engineering services including mechanical, electrical, plumbing and process engineering.