Repeat Cannabis Founders Launch toptender, a Budtender Education Program

toptender logo mg magazine
toptender logo mg magazine
SEATTLE — Toptender is a first of its kind training platform designed to help educate and empower budtenders of the burgeoning cannabis industry. Led by an experienced group of co-founders, the team is excited to solve big problems in the cannabis industry.
The three co-founders previously worked together building Grassworks Digital, which was acquired by Baker Technologies in November 2017. The team continued on at Baker technologies, which went public on the CSE this past December.
Toptender now sets its eyes on educating budtenders, creating career paths for entrants into cannabis, and growing cannabis industry sales through a more educated budtender workforce.
Toptender officially launched earlier this month and has been gaining huge interest from budtenders, brands, and retailers alike. Brian Snow, a manager of the chain Local Roots has been operating since the origin of the Washington industry and has seen the challenges of educating their staff and more importantly creating career paths for their staff. As an early partner of toptender, the Local Roots chain has been able to utilize toptender alleviate the burden of communication across the organization and begin driving internal education among its staff.
Budtenders now have the resources required to learn about this complex and heavily regulated industry, as well as access to sales training tools covering hundreds of products. Brands play a major role, as the leading source of the education materials.
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About toptender
Retail Education Tools, the creator of toptender is based in Seattle, Washington. Unlike any learning management system seen before, toptender was built for cannabis and built for mobile, leveraging SMS and simple to use courses and surveys.