Redefining Organics Partners with FOHSE for Grow Lighting

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LAS VEGAS – FOHSE INC. (“Fohse” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has been selected to be the official lighting partner of Redefining Organics, LLC (“RO”), a craft cannabis producer based in South Lake Tahoe, California. In October, RO was approved for a development agreement by the city council of South Lake Tahoe in which it would retrofit a vacant building to house its growing, distribution, and extraction activities. RO is completing its application with the state of California for their Type 12, Microbusiness License.

At this time, RO is planning to deploy a vertical no-till canopy cultivation facility of 10,000 square feet in which it will produce craft small-batch edibles, topicals, and solventless extracts. This cultivation facility will exclusively use FOHSE’s LED grow lighting fixtures to grow cannabis plants.


To distinguish itself, RO’s focus is on producing high-end cannabis products that are cultivated using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods, and adhering to the strictest of third-party sustainability guidelines. These guidelines include TRSA’s Clean Green Certification, the EnvirOganic manufacturing certification issued by Envirocann, and Dragonfly Earth Medicine’s Pure certification for organic cultivation practices. RO’s use of FOHSE’s LED grow lighting fixtures will be instrumental to meeting these standards, as they will use less energy than standard lighting technologies.

With more boutique cannabis producers coming to market in response to increased public interest in cannabis, lighting fixtures such as FOHSE’s will play an important role for these producers from a cost perspective. In addition to lower recurring energy costs, FOHSE’s fixtures have been determined to have better canopy coverage than other leading grow light models. Because the Type 12 microbusiness license class issued by California’s BCC restricts growing facilities to a maximum size of 10,000 square feet, canopy coverage is a key consideration in the planning of a grow facility – as with greater canopy coverage, fewer lighting units need to be purchased and maintained.

RO’s Head of Production Benjamin Mytelka commented, “Having grown cannabis under many lights, my expectations were completely blown away after seeing FOHSE’s lighting technology in action. Further, I greatly appreciated FOHSE’s confidence in allowing us to water test running lights. We are extremely excited to be deploying what many are saying is the ‘top of the line’ of horticultural lighting.”

FOHSE’s CEO Brett Stevens added, “We take pride in making sustainability a foremost value for us as a company, which is why we are thrilled to be working with RO as their official lighting partner. Their voluntary adherence to such high standards of being environmentally friendly is commendable, and we are honored to be playing a role in this by supplying energy-efficient grow lighting fixtures. We look forward to working with RO and their team as they bring their unique craft cannabis products to the bustling California marketplace.”

About Fohse Inc.
With the demand for cannabis products continuing to grow, Fohse has been working hard to develop robust, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly grow lighting solutions. After years of research and development by some of the world’s foremost minds in horticultural science, Fohse has recently introduced a suite of hyper-efficient, high-output LED grow light fixtures to the marketplace. When properly implemented, Fohse’s LED lighting technologies can help indoor cultivators realize a 35% to 50% reduction in overall energy expenditures. Moreover, Fohse delivers value to its clients through specialized training in standard operating procedures for the use of its products, in the interest of optimized proficiency and maximized value to the customer.