Quest Unveils new unit at 2017 MJBizCon in Las Vegas

Quest 506
Quest 506
MADISON, Wis. – Quest Dehumidifiers has introduced the first 500-pint dehumidifier designed specifically for commercial cannabis growers, filling a gap in environmental control technology that cultivators have sought for years.
The company unveiled the Quest 506 this week in Las Vegas at MJBizCon, the cannabis industry’s largest trade show. Taking input gathered from growers during their 10-plus years in the industry, Quest engineers built the energy-efficient
506 to meet cultivators’ demands for a higher-capacity overhead unit.
The 506 is the first Quest dehumidifier with new, patent-pending technology that makes the 506 the most energy-efficient dehumidifier above 105 pints in the world. The 230V unit operates at 8.1 pints per kilowatt hour.
The Quest 506 removes 506 pints at 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 percent relative humidity.
“The 506 is a game-changer because we’re filling a gap in the dehumidifier space and creating more options for growers,” said Clif Tomasini, director of operations at Quest. “As grows have increased in size, the need for units like the
506 has spiked, so our goal here is to address efficiency, reliability and ease of use for large-scale operators.”
“Holding temperature set points is rather straight forward. Relative humidity, on the other hand, was always the challenge, especially here in the Northwest,” said Joaquin Morelli, facilities director at Phat Panda. “With the new Quest
506 we are, for the first time, pinning set points day and night. If we want 50 percent we get 50 percent, along with the peace of mind knowing that this critical system is built to handle the load.”
Quest, maker of the 2017 High Times Dehumidifier of the Year and receiver of the High Times STASH award, is located at booth No. 2606 at MJBizCon.
The Quest 506 has a five-year warranty. To learn more about the 506, visit, or call 877-420-1330.