Quest F9 Air Mover Helps Growers Stabilize Environments

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F9 horizontal e1470085686888

MADISON, Wis. – Quest Dehumidifiers has launched its new F9 radial air mover to help growers prevent stagnant, water-logged air beneath grow tables that can cause plant-killing molds and fungus.

The F9 is a low-profile industrial air mover that easily fits into grow rooms where space is coveted; it circulates nearly 1,000 cubic feet of air per minute. The fan retails for $299, and will be available beginning in August at local hydroponic retailers.


Quest leaders were inspired to develop the F9 after examining grow room conditions. They found tables were trapping air and creating varied environments and humidity levels below the plants.

“We’ve spent countless hours investigating dehumidification and its effect on cannabis plant health. But if all the air in a room isn’t circulating through the system then growers are putting their plants’ health at risk,” said Clif Tomasini, Quest product manager. “We realized that a high-powered air mover was a simple, effective tool to eliminate the issue.”

In addition to moisture concerns, Quest concluded that grow tables are trapping CO• underneath the plants, because it’s heavier than air. This makes it more difficult for cannabis to absorb CO• needed for plants to create food through photosynthesis.

The launch of the F9 falls in line with Quest’s ongoing effort to work hand-in-hand with growers to support clean growing practices. Quest leaders believe consistent, best practices, such as controlling moisture and humidity levels, can help eliminate the need for pesticides, an ongoing issue the cannabis industry faces.

Engineers benefited from information available through Quest’s parent company, Therma-Stor, which has decades of knowledge creating some of the industry’s leading air movers. The F9 has no lights to ensure total darkness during night cycles.

Additional features include:

–      Airflow of 925 cubic feet per minute.

–      1.9 amps.

–      Onboard circuit breaker and branch protection GFCI.

–      Daisy chain up to six fans on a single 15-amp circuit.

–      16-ft. power cord.

For more information, visit<, or call 877-420-1330