Proof Partners with World Class Surfer Nic Lamb

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SANTA ROSA, Calif. – Proof, a leading California cannabis wellness company, announced today a new partnership with world-renowned big wave surfer and reigning Mavericks champion Nic Lamb. Proof and Mr. Lamb have entered into a long-term sponsorship agreement to highlight Mr. Lamb’s elite athleticism and the role Proof plays in his wellness and success.

Says Mr. Lamb, “As a professional athlete in a demanding and dangerous sport, the way I take care of myself and stay at the top of my ability is more science than art. With Proof, I have found products that help me to operate at peak performance. It’s also great that the company is family owned and operated, and I love their values and culture – we’re very aligned. They are great people and they’re on a mission to deliver excellence to their customers every day.”


Proof, which is self-distributed throughout the state to over 120 retail outlets, carries a full line of health and wellness cannabis products, including tinctures, capsules, skin and beauty topical products, and sleep aids. Proof operates on a compassionate pricing model, bringing the best quality products to customers, affordably.

Says Proof co-founder and CEO Matthew Ingram, “Working with Nic is an honor. He’s a world-class athlete and takes his personal wellness very seriously. Knowing that Proof helps Nic has been exciting for our team; it’s a confirmation of the work that we do to bring only the best to market. We are also surfers and lovers of the ocean, so our friendship with Nic stems out of a shared passion.” In describing Proof’s mission, Mr. Ingram notes, “A lot of the large investor-funded cannabis corporations seem to forget the fact that this industry started in California as a bunch of mom and pop collectives who cared about more than just deriving profit for shareholders. At Proof, with our compassionate prices, we are keeping that family-business ethos alive. Nic sees that in us, and it’s great to build our community around that shared vision.”

About Proof
Proof is a family-owned and operated company based in Sonoma County, California. The company currently offers thirteen SKUs and self-distributes statewide. Licensed for manufacturing as well as distribution, Proof has been in business for over three years and has been a leader in the compliant cannabis market.
About Nic Lamb

32-year old Nic Lamb is a professional big-wave surfer from Santa Cruz, CA. In 2016, Mr. Lamb prevailed over 23 competitors to win the 10th championship and a $120,000 prize at the Mavericks surf contest in Half Moon Bay, north of Santa Cruz. He went on to win the Punta Galea Challenge in Spain 2017 and compete globally in the preeminent big-wave contests.