PRMCA Asks MJ Biz Con Community to Support Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts


The Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis Association partners with Rums of Puerto Rico to gain support  of hurricane relief efforts.

Las Vegas, NV: The Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis Association (PRCMA) is partnering with Rums of Puerto Rico during MJ Biz Con 2017 to raise awareness about the ongoing need for assistance in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria through the Stronger Together campaign.

PRMCA is excited to be in attendance at MJ Biz Con 2017 in Las Vegas. Spokesperson, Mimi Perez states:


“Our mission for MJ Biz Con is to work with fellow cannabis professionals to help raise funds for victim relief for the still-suffering Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Since Maria made landfall more than 50 days ago, many of the 3.4 million residents of Puerto Rico are without drinkable water, cell service, electricity, and basic human needs. Please visit our booth to pledge your support to your fellow humans in need and show how we are all Stronger Together.”

You can support hurricane relief by texting PRHELP to 444-999. Donations go directly back into the community and make a significant difference in rebuilding this community. While the suffering has been tremendous and prolonged, the cannabis industry has exhibited its readiness to face obstacles, where 21 out of 29 dispensaries and 9 out of 11 grows are still operating after the catastrophe. Despite their resilience, they face ongoing obstacles to receive critical utilities and supplies to continue to support their community.

Medical cannabis businesses and patients cannot receive the same type of emergency relief and support from the federal government, making it even more challenging for patients to continue to receive treatment. There over 200,000 veterans in Puerto Rico, many of whom may potentially use medical cannabis to treat PTSD. Patients who are already struggling to secure food and supplies with limited income as they rebuild are facing difficult choices of medicine or other critical needs. The fundraising efforts look to support the patients of Puerto Rico with the ability to receive important care without having to compromise other critical resources.

By combining efforts across the cannabis industry, the PRMCA believes we can show that both the Caribbean people and the cannabis community are Stronger Together. The PRMCA will share fundraising, educational information and a Virtual Reality hurricane experience at the MJBiz Con Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center at booth #4206 between November 15 and November 17, 2017. The Rums of Puerto Rico will also be sponsoring activations at cannabis industry events around Las Vegas during the conference to further support fundraising.

The PRMCA would like to thank their friends at MJBIz Con, CLAB, SENSI Magazine and the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association (LVMMA) for allowing them to participate at their events and share their message and support during our nation’s time of crisis.