Platinum’s REACT Foundation Supports Breast Cancer Month with New Product

Logo: Platinum Vape's React Foundation

SAN DIEGO – Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death for women, affecting one in eight females. October is recognized as Breast Cancer Month and in honor of raising awareness and showing their support, Platinum Vape has developed a very special “pink ribbon” Raspberry Cheesecake Chocolate Bar to support this cause. As part of the REACT Foundation or Platinum’s giveback program, Platinum is honored to work with the California and Michigan chapters of the Shades of Pink Foundation

The Shades of Pink Foundation is an organization that financially assists women going through breast cancer treatment. With each purchase of the “pink ribbon” chocolate bar, a portion of each sale will be donated to the organization. Founded by Kappa Kappa Gamma alumni and friends Christina Fulcher and Kianne Farmer were inspired to start Shades of Pink Foundation California in 2013, after a fundraiser for the Michigan-based Shades of Pink Foundation. 


The Raspberry Cheesecake Chocolate Bar boasts eye-catching pink packaging with signature pink ribbon graphics. The bar beautifully marries the artisanal flavor of real raspberries with the sweet touch of soothing tart cheesecake in a decadent white chocolate combination. The chocolate bar is carefully perforated so each section is exactly 5 mg of cannabis infused deliciousness and the package contains 20 servings for a total of 100 mg of THC.

Platinum Vape’s Raspberry Cheesecake Chocolate Bar will be available at participating dispensaries throughout the month of October. For more information please visit or