PharmaCielo Expands Portfolio of Cannabis Extracts to Meet Market Demand

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ORONTO and RIONEGRO, Colombia – PharmaCielo Ltd. (“PharmaCielo” or the “Company”) (TSXV: PCLO) (OTCQX: PCLOF), the Canadian parent of Colombia’s premier cultivator and producer of medicinal-grade cannabis extracts, PharmaCielo Colombia Holdings S.A.S., announced today that it has begun sales and distribution of an expanded range of medicinal-grade cannabis extracts cultivated and produced at its Rionegro facilities.

PharmaCielo has been enabled to address customer product inquiries based on technical experience to date combined with increased laboratory and processing capabilities and allowing it to begin commercial production of a significantly expanded range of extract products that began with CBD Isolate and now includes Broad Spectrum Oil, CBD Broad Spectrum Distillate, Water Soluble CBD, CBD Tincture, CBD Distillate Tincture, Full Spectrum Oil Tincture, THC:CBD Formulations and THC Distillate.


“The ability to offer a wide range of bulk products which vary in cannabinoids combination, potency and terpenes content is highly sought-after in the medicinal and wellness sector, as some specific products deliver specific benefits, while others can deliver a full suite of cannabinoid benefits, known as the entourage effect,” said David Attard, CEO of PharmaCielo Ltd. “With our different formulations we are also able to provide customers with the flexibility to formulate their final product according to the individual health and drug delivery system needs.”

Each of PharmaCielo’s extracts are derived from unique and proprietary cultivars developed by the Company’s horticultural research experts, optimized for year-round Colombian open-field cultivation, with each extract profile reflecting the unique nature of the cultivar. By example, Broad Spectrum Oil is carefully purified to yield a beautiful amber coloured cannabinoid-rich extract that features multiple cannabinoids, including Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabichromene (CBC), Cannabidivarin (CBDV) and complemented by a range of naturally occurring terpenes including Pinene, Limonene, Linalool, and Myrceneas as part of its attributes.

The expansion of PharmaCielo’s product portfolio comes on the heels of a multi-year investment in its processing and extraction capabilities. The Company has begun processing part of its formulations at the expanded facility and is in the position to meet customer demand for commercial volumes at consistent high-quality, purity and potency levels required by healthcare standards.

“As we developed the new product range, based on customer and prospect demand, our team placed a greater emphasis on ensuring we added Water Soluble CBD extract to the mix. The development of this product in particular, will enable PharmaCielo to explore integration opportunities with major players in the health-oriented beverage and topical products segments of the market, which have expressed interest in CBD additives,” added Attard.

The Company has begun to accept orders for initial shipments of the new products in the balance of 2020, with continuing production capacity and shipments volumes increasing into 2021. The portfolio of extract products available in commercial volumes appropriate to the global market is expanding on a continuing basis with future additional product introductions expected. Individual product profiles and pricing are available through [email protected].

About PharmaCielo
PharmaCielo Ltd. (TSXV: PCLO, OTCQX: PCLOF) is a global company, headquartered in Canada, with a focus on ethical and sustainable processing and supplying of all natural, medicinal-grade cannabis oil extracts and related products to large channel distributors. PharmaCielo’s principal (and wholly owned) subsidiary is PharmaCielo Colombia Holdings S.A.S., headquartered at its cultivation and processing centre located in Rionegro, Colombia.

The board of directors and executive team of PharmaCielo are comprised of a diversely talented group of international business executives and specialists with relevant and varied expertise. PharmaCielo recognized the significant role that Colombia’s ideal location plays in building a sustainable business in the medical cannabis industry, and the Company, together with its directors and executives, is executing on a business plan focused on supplying the international marketplace.