Oracle of Green Rose Card Game Honors Pioneers of the Cannabis Movement

Entitled “Oracle of Green Rose,” a new innovative and educational card deck shares the history and prolific contributions of 21 cannabis industry pioneers in supporting safe access to cannabis medicine and the legalization movement.

Steve DeAngelo, known as the “father of the cannabis legalization movement” is the first trailblazer to be memorialized in the card deck and accompanying book. The beautifully illustrated, original art work portrays Mr. DeAngelo holding a scroll that reads “The Cannabis Manifesto,” representing the eight point manifesto outlined in his book of the same title.


In the background, a small, outdoor, craft cannabis farm is pictured. Mr. DeAngelo’s figure is positioned ready to address an audience, the sun behind him, creating a halo effect reminiscent of Baroque era art.

The “Oracle of the Green Rose” accompanying book shares the stories of each of the highlighted pioneers, outlining their contribution. The intention of the card game is to educate cannabis enthusiasts and new cannabis or hemp consumers about the difficult journeys experienced by those who struggled to usher in a new era of legal cannabis research, possession and consumption in the United States.

“This is a pivotal moment in time where cannabis is being legalized for medical use in the United States and in countries around the world such as Israel and Colombia,” says “Oracle of the Green Rose” creator and author Courtney Aura Freeman “Many have suffered traumatic social and legal persecution to bring us to this stage in our movement; we are telling their stories of triumph with this creative project.”

“Medical refugees are leaving their homes and families behind, seeking solutions for critical illness in locations where medical cannabis is legal,” Ms. Freeman continues. “Canada and many states in the U.S. are legalizing adult consumption, which will make cannabis medicine accessible to more people 21 years of age and older. As more locations around the world open to cannabis and hemp legalization, we wish to educate the new consumers and coming generations about how we got here and to give credit where credit is due.”

After 82 years of US prohibition, scientific research is illuminating the healing properties of the cannabis sativa plant and fortifying support for legalization, but there are still many individuals who are uniformed about the benefit that this plant is bringing in treating epilepsy, dementia, cancer, or Parkinson’s. As this movement grows and and the industry expands, there will be a need to overturn the negative impact of the War on Drugs propaganda on the global psyche.

“Far too many of our cannabis heroes have been forgotten by history, for far too long,” says Steve DeAngelo “The ‘Oracle of the Green Rose’ brings some of the most important figures in cannabis out of the shadows and back into the light where they belong— with beauty, joy and respect. This is an important step forward in ending the stigma that still clings to cannabis,” Mr. DeAngelo asserts.

Over the course of one year evaluating creative portfolios in search of the right fit, Courtney tapped talented artist Amber June Cross for the important role of visually representing the pioneers and the botanical illustrations exhibited on the cards and in the book.

In addition to the 21 cards dedicated to the leaders of the cannabis movement, those playing the game can learn about the origins and attributes of heirloom cannabis strains from around the world, commonly found modern-day strains, and the medicinal components of cannabis and hemp known as “terpenes.”

More noteworthy pioneers to be included in the “Oracle of the Green Rose” include Yvonne DeLaRosa Green, Jessica Cure, Bruce Margolin, and Chia Rodriques.

There are a total of 44 cards in the deck. Interested parties can pre-order the “Oracle of the Green Rose” card game by visiting the company website

The “Oracle of the Green Rose” Cards will be on display at the 10th Annual Reggae on the Mountain music festival August 17th and 18th in Malibu, California.