Ooze Wholesale Named Exclusive Distributor of Stache Products

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OAK PARK, Mich. – Ooze Wholesale, a Metro Detroit-based distribution company specializing in dispensary, smoke shop and retail supplies, has attained exclusive distributor rights in a partnership with Stache Products. Stache Products focuses on upscale concentrate vaporizers, and is best known for the RiO Portable Dab Rig.

“We are absolutely thrilled to introduce Stache Products to our distributor network of over 500 distributors and 8,000 retail shops across the United States and Canada,” said Ooze Wholesale President Dan Hannawa. “We are bringing the RiO to new cities and regions where it is currently unheard of. This is a new chapter for this brand, and we are honored they are trusting us to join in their growth.”


Stache Products now joins four other brands: King Palm Wraps, Truweigh Scales, Green Monkey Grinders, and Loud Lock Packaging as Ooze Wholesale House Brands. Ooze Wholesale will take over all distribution across the United States and Canada.

“It’s been my dream to work with a company like Ooze,” said Stache Products Owner, Designer and Engineer Rod Santos. “We have seen Ooze grow right in front of our eyes, and I want that same growth for our patented products. We do not rebrand, and will release new and original American-designed products for daily American users and patients. We have many designs we want to release under the Ooze brand and our own, and I hope the customers are excited to see what we do.”

By allowing Ooze Wholesale to step in and take over distribution, Stache Products will be able to focus on product development, releasing new products, and building wholesale and retail relationships. It will result in an overall increase in bandwidth for the Stache team to further develop their brand.

“Stache Products is such a unique brand that has really created their own category of concentrate devices,” said Hannawa. “We are so excited to bring Stache on as a House Brand because of the people behind the brand. The Stache team is so innovative and driven, and we can’t wait to combine our forces to bring a whole new level of success to this brand.”

About Ooze Wholesale
Ooze Wholesale is a cannabis accessory company and distributor located in Oak Park, Mich. The company was awarded the 58th spot on the prestigious Inc. 500 list of the nation’s fastest-growing companies.