NUG Debuts Cutting-Edge Line of Cannabis Concentrates, NUG Refined

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OAKLAND, CA (February 21, 2019): Following years of extensive research and development, NUG — the fastest-growing cannabis brand in California — is rolling out its game-changing new line of concentrates: NUG Refined.
NUG Refined boasts space age-stylized visual appeal, bold-yet-inviting aromatics and receptor-rocking potency thanks to the advanced techniques employed by the NUG Lab team under the guidance of Head Chemist Matt Finley.
“Cannabis extraction has undergone an unbelievable evolution in the past 20 years,” said Finley. “Now we’re taking the next leap, using cutting-edge science and resources to set a new standard for responsible adult use cannabis concentrates.”
NUG Refined marks an important milestone in the legal cannabis industry: California’s unregulated Prop 215 market enacted in 1996 left too many unknowns regarding product safety and consistency, though product was plentiful and potent for medicinal cannabis concentrate consumers. Conversely, the legalized adult use market introduced in 2016 – governed by Prop 64’s strict regulations and testing requirements – guarantees safer products, yet has struggled to match the volume and accessibility of the old regime.
The new product line is poised to bridge the gap by providing potent, flavorful and consistent concentrates for a new generation of cannabis enthusiasts. This is achieved through a synergy of modern laboratory science and the commercial scale of NUG Lab, California’s industry leader in cannabis concentrate production. The result is a line of cannabis concentrates designed to appeal to seasoned dabbers that also provide a high level of purity and reliability while remaining affordable.
“NUG Refined is a fruition of our team’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation by leveraging NUG’s proprietary technology to elevate the cannabis sector,” said Dr. John Oram, Founder and CEO of NUG. “We are passionate about doing our part to take the industry to the next level by offering clean, safe and high-quality cannabis products that are accessible and economical.”
NUG Refined will be available to California’s adult-use market beginning February 25th, 2019 at an exclusive selection of dispensary partners.
NUG cultivates and extracts all of its own cannabis to ensure that only the finest quality is used in its product lines. For more information on the NUG Refined line and other products, including where to purchase, visit

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