New Oregon Edible Company Pioneers Accessibility Low Dose, High Quality Taste, Culinary Craft

01 LittleHouseFoods OliveOil 300x300
01 LittleHouseFoods OliveOil 300x300
Portland, OR (11/16/17) – In a little house in Northwest Portland, an edible marijuana kitchen is cooking up a big idea in a burgeoning industry – low dose, high quality edibles, geared toward novices, food enthusiasts, and home cooks.
Little House Foods is bucking the trend of high potency, sugar bomb treats with easy to use caramels, lemon curd, and Oregon’s first prepackaged, ready-to-cook-with infused oils and butters.
“It isn’t just about the high. How you get there matters,” says owner Miranda Wiegler, who founded the company with a mission to normalize the use of recreational marijuana through products focused on taste, quality, and ease of use rather than high THC content.
“Just like most people don’t choose a wine based on alcohol percentage, we know a lot of people would like edibles that not only help them feel good, but that give them control and taste good too.” Rather than today’s common practice of using alcohol-based distillates, Little House’s products are made with a natural cannabis concentrate that’s infused directly into fat. The result is a superior flavor profile without the bitter aftertaste that distillates create. “While using distillates is far easier, cheaper and more common today, we’re creating a high quality product, better tasting product that foodies and chefs can get behind.”
Little House Foods products are designed to comfortably integrate into people’s lives through personalized cooking, simple recipes, and low dose ready-to-eat products. Here’s how…
Little House’s product line includes:
CaraMellower – 16g, 10mg THC, suggested retail $9
With only 5 natural ingredients, this caramel sauce is crafted with Portland’s own Bitterman’s Flake sea salt, and can be eaten as-is or melted down to create transformative experiences like a Hot Caramel Apple Cider Mellower.
LeMend –  112g, 45mg THC, suggested retail $30
An infused lemon curd that’s perfect on its own, or as a sauce drizzled on a favorite dessert… think vanilla ice cream and blackberries topped with LemMend.
CYOC: Cook Your Own Cannabis
Cook Your Own Cannabis is a line of premium cannabis-infused fats that can be used for baking, vinaigrettes, soups, braises and stews.
Ghee – Infused clarified butter with a nutty flavor, perfect for baking. 75g, 45mg THC, suggested retail $25
Olive Oil –Extra virgin olive oil allows cooks creative freedom.   90g, 50mg THC, suggested retail $25
Little House Foods products are currently available in more than twenty Oregon locations, with plans to expand to Nevada and California in the near future.
For more information about the products, where to buy, or how to carry Little House Foods, visit