Social highz mg magazine

SocialHighz (N) is a modern 21st century movement to normalize and integrate adult use cannabis around the globe. We strive to strengthen the bonds of the communities it serves through creative cannabis classes and educational tours.

SocialHighz is proud to bring the following services to the LA Market: Public and Private Cannabis Grow Tours, creative & culinary classes, Airport Duber Pickup and Dropoff along with BlazeOver LayOver Services, Cannabis Infused Massages, Facials, The Premier Cannabis Concierge Service and SOOO much MORE.


Hosted by the illustrious Rollan Buds, The SocialHighz launch weekend will kick off Friday Night (May 25th) with our most popular class, Sushi and Joint Roll’an! The weekend of fun ROLLS on with our newest events including; Rollan Buds Grow Tours, Adult Play Dough, the ever popular POT Pet Care Classes with Life and Twisted Joints Cannabis inspired yoga class.

June will have us celebrating Gay Pride Month with a Special Private Cannabis Drag Brunch on June 10th and a special sexy cannabis tour bus on June 9th! Stay tuned for more details!

Our new class pack and membership model allow the freedom to SocialHighz on your time. And for a limited time only our NEW ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS will receive will receive FREE MOVIE PASS FOR ONE YEAR*

With over 250 different types of classes throughout the year, the annual membership is an enthusiast’s’ dream come true!

Spaces are limited! Tickets and memberships are available NOW by phone only (844)WEED-FUN

Class Descriptions and Time

Roll’an Buds Grow Tour:
Starting Date: 5/26/18
Saturdays @ 12pm
2.5 Hours

Join us for our inaugural launch of the Famous Roll’an Buds Grow Tours now in LA. This 2.5 hours is jammed packed with cannabis fun and knowledge. Join Rollan as we take a scenic tour of LA enjoying the finest products the state has to offer. We will stop by a dispensary for some shopping and of course tour the stunning grow facility located right in downtown LA.

Roll’an Buds Investor Tour:
Starting Date: 5/27/18
Sundays @ 10am
4.5 Hours

It’s not too late to get in the game. This is actually the perfect time to start your cannabis company. Each year additional states are ending prohibition. This 4.5 hour tour will give you a deeper understanding of the cultivation process, extraction process and edible kitchen operations.

Adult Play Dough
Starting Date: May 26th at 2pm
Saturdays @ 2pm
2 hours

Join us for the launch of our new Adult Play Dough on Weed course. This course will provide you all the supplies and knowledge to craft your very own psychedelic cannabis inspired ashtray which you will be able to take home with you that evening. This is a must do if you are a local or a tourist!

Sushi and Joint Roll’an
Starting May 25th at 8pm
Fridays @ 8pm
2.5 Hours

This unique class was started by Roll’an Buds in Denver back in 2015 and has remained a top cannabis event in Denver. Join our local rolling master as he shows you the different variation to the art of Roll’an a Joint. After take part in the real fun of Roll’an your own exquizit sushi rolls made from the freshest ingredients in LA by Master Sushi Chef.

This is also a must do for locals and tourists.

Learn to Burn
Starting June 2nd at 2pm
Saturdays @ 2pm
1.5 Hours

Learning to Burn has never been easier. Our step by step guide to Pyrography will get you creative juices flowing as you burn down with your best new buds. This 1.5 hour class is a beginner class and a prerequisite to advanced Pyrography classes.

Bead and Burn
Starting June 3rd at 12pm
Sundays at 12pm
1.5 Hours

Beading and Bud is there anything better? Allow our bead and bud expert guide you through the bead making process while educating you on the different strains available here in LA. Bead necklaces, bracelets or weed boxes.

KindKards – Cannabis Greeting Card Class
Starting June 2nd @2pm
Saturdays @ 2pm
1.5 Hours

Create your very own cannabis inspired greeting cards. Nothing says “love” like sending a custom greeting card they can roll up and smoke.

Munchie Paint
Starting June 9th @ 7pm
Saturdays @ 7pm
2.5 Hours

This 2.5 hour class will cover some advanced creative techniques including stenciling, spray painting and the best part is your art will come to life in the form of real food you can EAT!

Starting June 10th @ 2pm
Sundays @ 2pm
1.5 Hours

Challenge your creative abilities with this off the wall event. Build-a-bong will push the creative limits by creating an environment to create the most functioning bong in your group out of the random items we provide.