National Cannabis Industry Association Unveils Cannabis Industry Digital Marketplace Powered by Brainsy Inc.

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National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) launches B2B Digital Marketplace, an online platform for businesses serving the legal cannabis industry.

DENVER, CO – Today the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) and Brainsy, Inc., unveiled the Cannabis Industry Digital Marketplace, the industry’s first comprehensive, SEO-enhanced, online platform for businesses serving the legal cannabis industry. As the only national trade association for the cannabis industry, NCIA is committed to supporting the success of the industry and the businesses serving it by creating infrastructural mechanisms to support its growth.

The legal cannabis market is growing exponentially and is predicted to be worth $30 billion per year by 2021. The rapid growth of the industry means increased competition for businesses serving the industry and an increased need for competitive advantages in digital marketing. The Digital Marketplace also acts as a digital networking platform to keep up with the growing amount of businesses in the industry.


The Cannabis Industry Digital Marketplace is accessible via and is also integrated with NCIA’s Expert Calling Network (ECN) so that businesses can access personalized one-on-one advice during the buying process.

“The Cannabis Industry Digital Marketplace is another way NCIA is supporting the progress of the legal cannabis industry by creating a centralized and sophisticated way for legitimate businesses to find each other,” said Aaron Smith, Executive Director of NCIA.

The Digital Marketplace is organized into categories of businesses serving the cannabis industry including: Accounting, Advertising & PR & Marketing, Advocacy or Non-Profit, Banking & Payment Processing, Branding Services, Cannabis Accessories, Cannabis Provider, CBD Products, Compliance & Policy, Construction and Contracting, Consulting, Cultivation, Data Services, Delivery Service, Education & Training, Energy & Sustainability, Events and Conferences, Extraction, Greenhouses, Health Care Professionals, Hemp Products, HR & Recruiting & Staffing, Infused Products & Edibles, Insurance, Investment & VC & PE Financing, Labs & Testing Services, Lawyers & Legal Services, Lighting, Nutrients, Packaging & Labeling, Publications & Media, Real Estate, Security, Software & Point of Sale, and Water & Irrigation.

“We’re pleased that NCIA has selected us to power the Cannabis Industry Digital Marketplace,” stated Brian Christie, CEO of Brainsy, the Digital Marketplace and ECN Platform provider. “Companies that purchase Premium Listings in the Digital Marketplace can build a SEO-enhanced marketing microsite and this is ideal for smaller companies that don’t have the resources to spend on maintaining an extensive web or social media presence or for a division within a Fortune 500 corporation that wants to launch a cannabis-specific marketing campaign. In fact, it’s great for companies of all sizes.”

The Cannabis Expert Calling Network and Digital Marketplace (ECN) is made possible in part by the generous support of companies such as Eden Labs, ExtractionTek, Nine Point Strategies, Heliospectra, and Boveda.

Companies interested sponsoring or getting listed in the Digital Marketplace should contact Brainsy at [email protected]