MoonMan’s Mistress Announces 2nd Annual Burn & Baked Fitness Event

Cannabis edibles company promotes healthy and responsible use of cannabis for everyday athletes.

Moonman mistress
Moonman mistress

SAN FRANCISCO — January 26, 2018 /Canna Newswire — MoonMan’s Mistress, a San Francisco-based cannabis edibles company whose mission is to give cannabis its rightful place front-and-center in the fitness movement, today announces their annual Burn & Baked Fitness Event on Sunday, January 28, 2018 from 10AM – 11AM.  The 55 Minute boot camp-style workout will take place at Hit Fit in San Francisco (2345 Harrison Street . All fitness levels are welcome.

Company co-founder, Jamel Ramino launched Burn & Baked, a quarterly pop-up fitness event in 2017 with much success. The fitness challenge includes bootcamp classes promoting healthy and responsible use of cannabis for healing, performance, and recovery, sure to appeal to a new fitness contingent as California enters the age of adult recreational use with a focus on using CBD for recovery.
The challenge will be lead by Ramiro, a certified Master Trainer who has been ranked “Toughest Trainer”  (Inside Hook Magazine) and “San Francisco’s Most Athletic Trainer”  and “Top SF Bootcamp Instructor” (ClassPass). The event is limited to 30 participants and no cannabis consumption will be allowed on site.
MoonMan’s Mistress’ line of healthy cookies is raising the bar in healthy edible consumption with five THC-rich and two CBD-rich options. The Pumpkin Pecan Mini Space Cakes took 3rd place in the 2016 Emerald Cup, and the Trail Mix Super Nova Cookie, nut-free and packed with protein, was named best healthy edible by Edible Magazine in 2015. Jamel’s current favorite is the Star Cluster Superfood Cookies, with a CBD to THC ratio of 10:1 — which doesn’t make the user high, but fully utilizes CBD’s proven power to help in post-workout recovery.
Each participant will receive a take home a “Recovery Bag” which includes:
Paleo (non-medicated) Breakfast Cookies provided by BellyWell Kitchen
CBD Edibles provided by MoonMan’s Mistress
CBD Capsules provided by Dirt Ninja Farm
CBD Topicals provided by Loki Lotion
Burn & Baked Attendee Testimonial:
“I am a lifelong “wannabe” athlete who has found myself entering mid-life with the intent to maintain a life of good health and wellness, but discovering that personal aspiration often exceeds physical capability as I enter my fifties.  I am clearly no longer able to train, compete or  bounce back as I could in my 20’s and 30’s.  To add personal complexity, 9 years ago I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, an ailment that is neurodegenerative, impacts all body systems and today has no cures.
Exercise and life style adjustment is the only documented way of slowing Parkinson’s progression today.  Workouts, sleep & recovery, and overall wellness (both physical and mental) are tantamount to my daily life….This is how I survive!
I initially met Jamel through my Parkinson’s boxing class in San Francisco.   I soon came to learn that in addition to being a great trainer and friend, he also co-founded MoonMan’s  Mistress.  I became introduced to his healthy edible line.  Initially, I was curious in trying his healthy products to supplement my training to enhance sleep.  Insomnia is just one of the wretched symptoms of Parkinson’s and I found myself more and more dependent on sleep medications.  As someone trained as a clinical pharmacist, I found this disturbing   I can say that today, the combination of exercise and his healthy edibles have allowed me to sleep thru the night, better than I have for years.
A more recent discovery came very recently.  Last week at Jamel and Liz’s first Burn and Bake session, I confused the time and ended up on site an hour early for his boot camp.  Rather than sit around idle, I was encouraged to take a double “boot camp” session. Normally a single boot camp class wipes me out, so you can imagine what a two-hour session would be like.  That afternoon, experiencing great exhaustion, muscle rigidity and pain, I sampled one of their Moonman CBD morsels.  To my pleasant surprise, my aches were completely alleviated, and I was able to work out hard the next day too!
I am now truly a believer and looking forward to further enhancing my wellness training the way Jamel and Liz espouse! “
–Kevin K