MinnMed Launches Minnesota’s First Distillate Cannabis Products

MINNEAPOLIS – Minnesota Medical Solutions (“MinnMed” or “the Company”), a division of Vireo Health and one of two licensed medical cannabis companies in the state of Minnesota, today announced that the Company has launched a new line of distillate cannabis oil formulations. The new distillate products are free of any diluting agents or extra ingredients and have a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Distillate cannabis oils are widely recognized as the most clean and pure type of cannabis extract with an excellent safety record and precise cannabinoid potency.

“Distillates are an important advancement in our work to protect Minnesotans who respond best to cannabis oils to help treat their qualifying medical conditions,” said MinnMed Founder, Kyle Kingsley, M.D. “Many patients require the fast and predictable onset of relief that only a pharmacist-dosed, inhaled product can provide. MinnMed’s new line of distillates allows patients to take vapor-based medications with the confidence that their product is safe and pure.”


MinnMed is the only licensed cannabis producer in the state of Minnesota to produce and sell distillate products. The Company’s proprietary extraction and distillation process produces highly purified cannabis oils, which helps ensure product safety.

“As a physician-led, patient focused company, we are committed to providing MinnMed customers with the highest quality cannabis-based medicine through the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program,” said Gary Starr, M.D., MinnMed Deputy CEO. “We are excited to offer our patients a full line of pure distillate products. We are proud of our products’ extraordinary safety record since 2015. Nationwide, the recently identified vape-related lung illnesses have been frequently linked to illicit black-market products or e-cigarettes which contain many untested additives. This evidence highlights the importance of lab-tested, regulated and pure products like our distillate options.”

The first phase of the distillate product roll-out is now complete, with MinnMed’s most popular formulations – Red, Yellow, and Green – offered in bulk versions and pre-filled dose cartridges. MinnMed also offers a Starter Pack product containing smaller amounts of all three distillate formulations.

The MinnMed Starter Pack provides patients with three different formulations to help them quickly determine, with the help of the licensed pharmacist, which formulation and dosage strategy will most effectively help their medical condition.

MinnMed recently announced substantial price cuts on many medical cannabis products, including the new distillates, by as much as 30% for all patients. For example, MinnMed’s THC-dominant 500mg Distillate Vaporizer Cartridges which initially cost $84.00 now sell for $65.00 and the Company’s 1000mg Distillate Bulk Oils were reduced from $149.00 to $118.00. These price reductions ensure that MinnMed products are the most cost-effective options for patients in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program.

About Minnesota Medical Solutions (MinnMed)
Minnesota Medical Solutions (“MinnMed”) is one of two licensed medical cannabis companies in Minnesota. MinnMed operates four Cannabis Patient Centers across the state and a greenhouse facility near Otsego, MN. MinnMed is a subsidiary of Vireo Health International, Inc. (“Vireo”). Vireo’s mission is to build the cannabis company of the future by bringing the best of medicine, engineering and science to the cannabis industry. Vireo’s physician-led team of more than 400 employees provides best-in-class cannabis products and customer experience.