Marijuana Company Brings First-of-its-Kind Nano-Sized Products into the Cannabis Industry

All Natural Marijuana Growery Uses Patent-Pending Technology To Successfully Turn Cannabinoids into Nano-Size for Extremely Efficient, Discreet, And Clean Modes of Delivery
It’s not every day that a company completely changes the face and future of an industry, but Honest Marijuana Company has done it yet again. Renowned for introducing the first-of-its-kind tin can packaging to the cannabis arena, Honest Marijuana Company is now bringing nano-sized products into the marijuana market. With this nano-sized formulation, users can start physically feeling the effect of the cannabinoids within the first 45 to 65 seconds!
Their patent-pending technology can turn non-water-soluble substances like cannabinoids into nano-size, in a range of 20-45 nanometers. As a point of reference, 20 nanometers is approximately 1 thousand times less than the diameter of the human red blood cell. In this microscopic form, cannabinoids can travel extremely quickly and efficiently through transdermal other membranes of the human body.
This is the first true nano-sized formulating known in the industry, and Honest Marijuana Company is already at the level of particles where it becomes unlikely to achieve much smaller. With this new nano technology, Honest Marijuana Company is now working on a new generation of transdermal patches, creams, and topicals that will be able to deliver active ingredients just by applying them onto your skin. They have also almost completed the formulation for an oral, dissolvable strip similar to a Listerine strip, and are working with a honey manufacturer that can incorporate the technology into their products. Nanobidiol TM will be issued their first US patent on oral delivery in thin film. They also have 3 more patents pending!
Honest Marijuana Company is also working on a technology that can deliver cannabinoids in a time-released fashion, so the consumer can benefit from cannabis without smoking or dabbing. This is a much healthier and cleaner way to consume it. Today, many doctors don’t like to recommend cannabis because smoking (the predominant consumption method) is dangerous, bad for the lungs, outdated, and inefficient. Honest Marijuana Company is crossing this barrier with their nanotechnology. This is a positive attempt by Honest Marijuana Company to create an alternative for the most discerning, cautious, and skeptical spectrum of the market.
“Look at it from the standpoint of discreet, effective, efficient, and clean—those are the main benefits of the technology. It is effective, as you don’t need to consume a lot to get the desired effect. It is discreet, as you just need to put a patch on your skin or an oral, dissolvable strip in your mouth that is just like a mint. It is also healthy, because we’re strictly dealing with the pharmaceutical products that will allow you to obtain the desired medical benefit from the plant without smoking and sacrificing your health in exchange,” says Serge Chistov, financial partner of Honest Marijuana Company.
For those wondering how this technology compares to simply eating a cannabis edible, there are big differences. If you consume a THC-infused edible, by the time the THC enters your system and bloodstream, it is already not THC. It becomes a THC derivative—a different formula known as 11-Hydroxy-THC that has pain-relieving and sedative values to it instead of THC in the purest form, which is a more stimulating, mind-altering substance. If you consume a cannabis edible because you don’t want to smoke and hurt your lungs, you will end up feeling drowsy and dull. It’s like taking NyQuil for the common cold as opposed to DayQuil. Honest Marijuana Company’s formulation delivers THC directly into the consumer’s bloodstreams without it converting into the 11-Hydroxy-THC. In the pharmaceutical terms, it is called ‘skipping the first pass.'”
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